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  • Mark Jordan
    Hi to all, Many thanks to those that have sent me information and communicated with me offline. Instead of providing the full hypothesis here. I will more
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 2012
    Hi to all,

    Many thanks to those that have sent me information and communicated with me offline. Instead of providing the full hypothesis here. I will more likely put it in Word format and put it in the archives to make it easier to read and understand. For the present, I will only update the group.

    I am learning a lot. One of the most important things that I have learned is that this group has many members that are excellent researchers. I have said before that you all have the information that will solve the problem. It is clear that the majority of the regular posters have conducted a great amount of research looking for the cause of the hum. Lots of references. Especially the ladies in the group. It is a matter of getting everybody organized in testing and trying different things. We must work together to eliminate the possible causes that do not apply and concentrate on those possibilities that can be tested to find a solution. I don't claim to have all of the answers yet and it seems the more I learn the more I realize how little I know.

    I would like to clarify a few points. It is true that the groundwater that I mentioned has been around for a long time while the hum phenomenon is relative recent in human history. This is an important clue. I happen to study groundwater it because it is electrically polluted. However, I can go back in time before the invention of electric power and show that lightning was striking in these patterns long ago. This is accomplished using forensic examination of tree rings. Lightning scars are easily found in very old oak trees. Many have been struck numerous times over their life spans and most existed prior to power lines. I am surprised by the distinct lack of information that can be found on the internet regarding the hum. There is plenty of information on the net regarding phantom noises and voices.

    I have mapped over 5000 cases of lightning damage and over 2000 major fires and compared them against layers of groundwater, electric power lines and pipelines. The attachment below shows 6000 incidents compared against layers of perched groundwater. The patterns are very clear and I use them to predict both strikes and major fires. I have been very successful at this but it is only a simple technology and anyone can do the same. Most important is that there are limits regarding this pollution. The vast majority of the incidents that I have mapped and studied are within 50 meters of power lines or pipelines. Outside of an 80 meter radius from man-made objects in general, incidents are extremely rare. In fact, only a small fraction of 1% of the data is of trees that exist in remote forested areas even if I have conducted numerous detailed searches in forested plots. The numbers or concentration of incidents increase with the concentration of electric power transformers and concentrations of pipelines. So when I suggest that the electrical charge in layers of earth might be a cause of the hum, it is with the consideration that the earth's magnetic field and atmospheric electricity might be charging the earth over regional and continental distances. Consider also that the earth itself is magnetically aligned by the field. As rocks are formed, the magnetic orientation becomes fixed and we know that the field has changed very little over time. The conductive pathways already exist and are possibly polarized.

    I have been doing Google Earth reviews of hum locations and the majority are near rivers or large streams. I am also impressed with how many locations have nearby hills or mountains. There seems to be more hum sufferers in the northern latitudes than in the southern. So far I just don't have enough examples to make a definite statement about that. One very important fact is that there are sufferers that do not have major infrastructure anywhere close to their locations. I need lots and lots of data as to where sufferers live, within a few miles, and especially the direction that they perceive the hum is coming from. Any suggestions as to where I can get this info?
    Another formidable problem is that only a small percentage of the population can sense the hum. I believe you when you say you hear the hum that is the subject of this group so when I talk about mental illness, I am not talking about you. However, you must remember that the mind can play tricks on us. It can remember the hum and cause you to perceive that it is continuing for days and months after you have removed yourself from a hum location. This also means that the hum may or may not change relative to the weather for some individuals. There is a condition termed, Musical Ear Syndrome where numerous people can hear music playing and swear that it is coming from somewhere outside the house. In the case of the hum, it is so annoying that you pay a lot of attention to it. Your unconscious mind remembers everything and can play it back or fixate on that. In schizophrenia, parts of the brain can produce voices and another part can actually hear those voices without the cooperation of the patient. In recent years researchers are finding that tinnitus is not a problem with the auditory system but appears to be a noise created in another part of the brain. If I had enough information about water supply, diets and living habits of hum sufferers, I would be looking for the common denominator. What is it hum sufferers have in common that that the rest of the population does not have? Perhaps one of you could do some research on this?

    I would like to suggest that there is some physiological or electrochemical differences in hum hearers versus non-hearers. It probably has something to do with age. A likely problem with age is the bones begin to loose calcium. A high protein diet can wreck havoc on your bones. I remember someone talking about calcium many months ago on this forum. Perhaps one of you could do some research on this possibility? Another little known characteristic of bones is that they will produce a piezoelectric current when they are damaged. Is is possible that when bones loose calcium they generate electricity? Can this electrical current actually polarize the body where it can attract charged particles or even radio waves? Could the loss of calcium cause the bones to be more hollow and thus trap LF sound? Someone could research Dr. B. Becker or even Dr. Michael Persinger at Larentia University in Sudbury, Ontario or I will when time allows. In fact, Persinger would be the best man in the world to study the hum problem.

    I suggest that someone in this group might want to coordinate and direct a team of voluntary researchers? We could work as a team and use the process of elimination to find the cause. I have no doubts that you all are just as capable as I. Any suggestions?

    Regarding the graph in the attachment, the numbers across the bottom represent the average elevation above sea level of particular layers of groundwater. Each zone covers roughly 5 ft of elevation. For example, the 380' covers a range from 378' - 383' above sea level. The blue bars represent major fires and the red bars are cases of lightning damage.

    Mark S. Jordan

  • Pictoblu
    Mark, Why don t you consider collaborating with Dr. Sam Milham, MD, MPH, on that. He wrote The book, Dirty Electricity, Electrification and the Diseases of
    Message 2 of 2 , Nov 23, 2012

      Why don't you consider collaborating with Dr. Sam Milham, MD, MPH, on that. He wrote The book, "Dirty Electricity, Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization" and he also has several youtube videos.

      All the best, Julie
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