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Updated Bibliography of 139 Hum References, 1830-2004

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  • David Deming
    I have appended below an updated bibliography of Hum references. The list has also been added to the files area of the Hum Forum web page. The list contains
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 3, 2004
      Updated Bibliography of 139 Hum References, 1830-2004 I have appended below an updated bibliography of Hum
      references.  The list has also been added to the "files"
      area of the Hum Forum web page.

      The list contains 139 references of articles published
      between 1830 and 2004.

      (It is highly questionable if the
      anomalous sounds discussed in the nineteenth century refs
      really refer to the Hum, but they are included for the sake
      of completeness.)

      Articles published in newspapers, tabloids, and scientific
      research journals are mixed in the list.  The list
      is sorted by date.

      A separate section of papers on "electrophonics"
      is added below the Hum list.

      Papers on possible sources of the Hum, such as TACAMO
      and HAARP are not included.  

      Some of the references are uncertain as to date,
      source, or even exact title.  These come from cases
      where I have copies of old newspaper clippings without
      proper attribution.

      This bibliography will always be a work in progress.

      I continue to need your help in adding references and
      checking facts such as publication date, page numbers,

      I especially need help from people living in the United
      Kingdom who can track down old newspaper articles.

      The first major mention of the Hum in the popular media
      appears to be in three stories that appeared in the Sunday
      Mirror in 1977.  The Hum itself appears to have originated
      in the UK around 1970 or perhaps the mid 1960s.

      --David Deming
      Norman, Oklahoma


      1. Duplicate newspaper reports. A story by Associated Press or the New York Times (for example) can be reprinted in a variety of US newspapers for as long as about 2 weeks after it initially appears in the primary source. The article's title is usually different in each publication, and the length is usually cut from the original. In these cases, I have tried to list only the original publication, not duplicates.
      2. In some instances below, citations are uncertain and incomplete.  These result from cases where people have sent me newspaper clippings where the publication date and/or source is not given or unclear.

      Nineteenth Century

      The following references are listed in Corliss (1983, p. 179).
      Anonymous, 1830, On Peculiar Noises Occasionally Heard in Particular Districts:  Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, v. 8, p. 258.
      Anonymous, 1832, Humming in the Air:  Magazine of Natural History, v. 5, p. 686.
      Dale, J. C., 1856, Humming in the Air:  Zoologist, v. 14, p. 5008.
      Bath, W. H., 1886, Humming in the Air Caused by Insects:  Nature, v. 34, p. 547.
      Blomefield, L., 1886, Humming in the Air Caused by Insects:  Nature, v. 34, p. 572.
      Tomlinson, C., 1895, Remarkable Sounds:  Nature, v. 53, p. 78.

      Wallace, P. H. W., 1970, Noisy Sub-Stations:  New Scientist, v. 45, p. 319.

      Coles, R. R. A., and Thornton, A. R. D., 1973, Audiology Research in the I.S.V.R.'s First Decade:  Journal of Sound and Vibration, v. 28, p. 313-332.
      Hanlon, J., 1973, Can Some People Hear the Jet Stream?  New Scientist, v. 60, p. 415-416.
      Anonymous, 1976, Hum:  Noise and Vibration Bulletin, October, 1976, p. 269-270. (after a story that appeared in the Brighton Evening Argus, September 13, 1976).

      Martin, G. (?), 1977, (title unknown):  Sunday Mirror (United Kingdom), June 19, 1977.
      Martin, G., and Barker, R., 1977, Hum, That Mystery Noise Drives Sobbing Wife Out of the House:  Sunday Mirror (United Kingdom), July 3, 1977.
      Martin, G. (?), 1977, (title unknown):  Sunday Mirror (United Kingdom), November 20, 1977.
      Vasudevan, R. N., and Gordon, C. G., 1977, Experimental Study of Annoyance Due to Low Frequency Environmental Noise:  Applied Acoustics, v. 10, p. 57-69.

      Broner, N., 1978, The Effects of Low Frequency Noise on People--a Review: Journal of Sound and Vibration, v. 58, no. 4, p. 483-500.


      Wilson, S., 1979, Mystery of People who Hear the Hum:  New Scientist, v. 84, p. 868-870.

      Britons Hunt for Source of Noise, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, March 18, 1980.
      Walford, R. E., 1980, Hums, Research into Low-Frequency Tinnitus:  Newsletter of the British Tinnitus Association, no. 9, Nov-Dec, 1980, p. i-iv.

      Corliss, W. R., 1983, Earthquakes, Tides, Unidentified Sounds and Related Phenomena, a Catalog of Geophysical Anomalies, Section GSH5, Unidentified Humming Sounds:  Glen Arm, Maryland, Sourcebook Project, p. 178-179.
      Walford, R. E., 1983, A Classification of Environmental "Hums" and Low Frequency Tinnitus:  Journal of Low Frequency Noise and Vibration, v. 2, no. 2, p. 60-84.

      Associated Press, 1985, Is Something Fishy Going On?  The Mysterious Hood Canal Hum:  The Seattle Times, August 25, 1985, p. J-8.
      Rubenstein, S., 1985, Strange Hum in Pacific Heights:  San Francisco Chronicle, September 23, 1985, p. 17.
      Rubenstein, S., 1985, S. F. Cops Baffled by the Nighttime Hum:  San Francisco Chronicle, September 24, 1985, p. 18.
      Rubenstein, S., 1985, Detours on the Trail of Mysterious Hum:  San Francisco Chronicle, September 25, 1985, p. 3.

      Anonymous, 1989, Hum Could Kill, Demon Din is Driving Sufferers to Brink of Suicide (title uncertain):  London Star, December, 1989 (source, date of publication uncertain).
      Fox, B., 1989, Low-frequency Hum may Permeate the Environment:  New Scientist, December 9, 1989, p. 27 (volume number uncertain).
      Hart, P., 1989, Suffering in Noisy Silence:  Sunday Express (United Kingdom), November 26, 1989.
      Todd, R., 1989 (?), Hum in the Night, It's Only Those Noisy Gas Pipes:  (date and source uncertain.  may be Sunday Express, 1989).

      Anonymous, 1990, National Action on the Largs Hum:  Largs and Millport Weekly News (United Kingdom), May 18, 1990.
      Durham, D., 1990, The Hum, Victims Who Suffered in Silence Speak Out: Daily Star (United Kingdom), March 15, 1990.
      Griggs, E., 1990, The Low Frequency Noise Sufferers Association:  Journal of Low Frequency Noise and Vibration, v. 9, no. 4, p. 149-155.
      Mann, R., 1990, Hum Group (letter to the editor):  Southampton Reporter

      Anonymous, 1991, Hum Hunters Plan to Solve Mystery:  Southampton Advertiser (United Kingdom), November 28, 1991.
      Mann, R., 1991, Low Frequency Hum (letter to the editor):  Romsey Advertiser, May 24, 1991.
      Various Authors, 1991, Eight Letters to the Editor from Hum Hearers:  The Mail (United Kingdom), March 21, 1991.

      Anonymous, 1992, Humming is a Sound of the Times:  Eastern Daily Press (Norwich, United Kingdom), March 31, 1992.
      Anonymous, 1992, Humdrum Hum (editorial): Eastern Daily Press (Norwich, United Kingdom), March 31, 1992.
      Anonymous, 1992 (?), Getting to the Bottom of Those Bad Vibrations:  Eastern Daily Press (?) (Norwich, United Kingdom), date uncertain.
      Anonymous, 1992 (?), Natural Suggestion for Humming Noises: Eastern Daily Press (?) (Norwich, United Kingdom), date uncertain.
      Haddad, C., 1992, Mysterious Hum is Driving Alabama Town Nuts:  The Atlanta Constitution and Journal, April l, 1992, p. A-3.
      Harwell, H., 1992, A Hum of a Mystery Town Looks for Noise's Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, April 26, 1992, p. B-7.
      Lambert, P., and Haederle, M., 1992, HMMMMMMMMMMMM...?  The Riddle of the Sands in Taos, N. Mex., is a Humdinger:  What on earth is making that unearthly sound?  People, v. 38, no. 12, September 21, 1992, p. 61.
      Long, H., 1992, Artist's Life Ruined by Mystery Noises:  Southern Evening Echo (Southampton, United Kingdom), October 27, 1992.
      Newman, S., 1992, Hueytown Hum:  The Atlanta Constitution and Journal, April 18, 1992, p. E-1.
      Olinger, D., 1992, Hueytown's Mysterious Hum:  St. Petersburg Times, May 10, 1992, p. D-1.
      Saltmarsh, A., 1992, Calls Pour in From Hearers of that Mystery Humming: Eastern Daily Press (Norwich, United Kingdom), April 1, 1992.
      Saltmarsh, A., 1992, Residents Driven to Despair by Humming: Eastern Daily Press (Norwich, United Kingdom), April 1, 1992 (date uncertain).
      Smothers, R., 1992, Hueytown Journal; Humming Along, and Howling Mad: The New York Times, April 14, 1992, p. A-16.
      Watts, S., 1992, Hummers Win Fight for Inquiry, Scientists are Trying to Trace the Low-Frequency Noise that is Ruining Thousands of Lives:  The Independent (United Kingdom), March 30, 1992.
      Watts, S., 1992, Tape Recordings May Help to Pinpoint Cause:  The Independent (United Kingdom), March 30, 1992.

      Anonymous, 1993, Catching the Hum Bug; Readers Across the State Hear Strange, Unexplained Sounds:  The Arizona Republic, September 24, 1993, p. E-12.
      Anonymous, 1993, Strange Hum Isn't Caused by Normal Sound:  San Antonio Express-News, June 6, 1993, p. A-13.
      Associated Press, 1993, Hum-Hearers Now Focus of Taos Mystery Noise as Study Finds No Source:  Austin American-Statesman (Texas), August 26, 1993, p. A-20.
      Baker, D., 1993, Mysterious Low-Level Noise Destroys Peace, Serenity of Taos Residents; New Mexico:  Scientists' Search for Source of Hum has Been Fruitless, Though One Heard Sound Himself.  Some Victims Suspect a Secret Military Project:  Los Angeles Times, July 18, 1993, p. B-3.
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      Davidson, K., 1993, Scientists Debate Taos Hum, Some Belive It's Latest Cause of Mass Suggestion, Others Say the Noise is Real:  San Francisco Examiner, September 5, 1993, p. A-36.
      Dellios, H., 1993, Taos Residents Making Noise Over Mystery Hum:  Chicago Tribune, December 26, 1993, p. 6.
      Donnelly, J., 1993, Hum-Dinger of a Mystery:  What is that Annoying Sound?  Miami Herald, July 6, 1993, p. A-1.
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      2000 (none)


      Anonymous, 2001, Germans to Investigate Nationwide Mystery Hum:  Hamburger Evening Paper (Hamburg, Germany), August 14, 2001 (uncertain source, date, title).
      Anonymous, 2001, Mysterious Humming -- Hamburg is Completely....: Hamburger Evening Paper (Hamburg, Germany), August 23, 2001 (uncertain source, date, title).
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