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  • william zvarick
    Colin this is an interesting theory. The otoliths are supposed to be there, and they can dislodge and get into the wrong place in the ear. But other than that
    Message 1 of 72 , Dec 9, 2010
      Colin this is an interesting theory. The otoliths are supposed to be there, and they can dislodge and get into the wrong place in the ear. But other than that I haven't been able to find anything about any other type of calcite crystals in the ear. The only way to evaluate a low calcium diet would be to have a large sample of hum hearers try it and compare this large group to another large group that maintains a normal intake of calcium. This is the only way to determine if the reduction in the hum is coincidental to the low calcium intake or is in fact caused by it. From what I've read on this forum some people just stop hearing the hum, or hear it less intensely. I do agree that there must be some biological factor at work here. Why else the age-specific onset? 

      If only there were enough of us perhaps medical researchers would take the initiative and study the inner ear of hum hearers to determine if there were some structural or functional commonality.


      On Dec 9, 2010, at 7:44 PM, mack_colin wrote:

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, Lesley Fellows <lesley_f@...> wrote:
      >However, do you really think it is possible to stop the hum entering our bodies.... or only to stop our awareness.....

      Lesley, I have been on this diet for two and a half years, as mentioned, and the result has been a reduction in intensity of the hum, but has not got rid of it.

      The only way to stop the hum getting into our bodies is countermeasures, white noise, fans etc, effectively blanketing out the noise, but when I tried this experiment on reduced calcium I did not know what the outcome would be at the time.

      But I am now pleased that the intensity is well down now (allowing for the variations and randomness of the hum). 

      When I first got the hum it hit me like a brick in the face, especially in long narrow hallways in the house (the hum tends to be amplified depending on room shape).

      Unfortunately, once you are tuned into the hum, it seems very difficult to get away from it.

      I wish I new more about the inner workings of the ear, as there is mention above of body balence due to calcite crystals, but if I remember the calcite crystals can also form in the voids within the inner ear as well, but take time to grow. (correct me if I am wrong as I am not an expert).

      This is why I though the calcite crystal theory the 'best fit theory' for hearing the hum due to two reasons....

      1....The majority of us do not get the hum till we are middle aged, 45 and above. I say majority as there will be some people under that figure...... Now the calcite crystals need time to grow to reach the shape and size for resonance, so thats why we hear the hum latter on in life.

      2...Many of us only hear the hum in one ear, why ? If it is a body thing, then one ear is different from the other physically... well calcite crystals fit the bill again, as the ear has to hit resonance with the hum, and one ear might have reached that stage, but the other has not. I only hear it in my right ear.

      Note: that this is only my idea that the calcite crystal theory is the best fit reason for hearing the hum. But I feel it has its merits, and worth staying on my reduced calcium diet because I am now not suffering as badly from the hum , as I used to.

      Maybe some other hum sufferers might want to try this, as it is no real hardship cutting down on calcium products, and see if it does help you. It will take a few months to note any difference (due to hum randomness, and I assume changes to the crystals in your body).

      Cheers Colin Mack, Scotland.

    • william zvarick
      non-visible = exotic ? Magnetism is invisible, electric current is invisible, yet the principles of electromagnetism are the very thing upon which our
      Message 72 of 72 , Jan 8, 2011
        "non-visible" = "exotic"? Magnetism is invisible, electric current is invisible, yet the principles of electromagnetism are the very thing upon which our current civilization is built. If you drive a car (motor propelled by rapidly oscillating electomagnetic currents) or use a cell phone you are utilizing invisible energy. I think it's quite reasonable to entertain the concept of non-visible energy/radiation as a possibly global source of the hum. This does not seem like  a "desperate" hypothesis. And I can only speak for myself, but I "feel" the hum in a very static-y, electrical way as much as I hear it, in a way that no other "sound" has ever affected me. We are bathed in an unprecedented sea of various types of radiation previously unknown to us as a species. The fact that people on this forum report hearing the hum in extremely remote locations suggests to me that the hum may not derive from mechanical vibrations.

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        On Jan 7, 2011, at 3:38 PM, Tobypaws2002@... wrote:


        In a message dated 13/12/2010 16:12:24 GMT Standard Time, wzvarick@... writes:
        Can it be mere coincidence that both the onset of the hum and its increased frequency rather tightly follow the same curve as the proliferation of "non-visible" technologies?
        With respect, I would say that it follows  just as much, the rise in overcrowding of the planet, with attendant industry, travel, planes, heavy trains, heavy lorries, power plants, ships' engines, etc., etc.
        So MANY extra bits of VISIBLE technology...we need to look at that before going to
        more exotic ideas.
        I know folks get desperate, but we need to think very carefully about the FEASIBILITY of obscure theories....
        It all needs far more experimentation, to find out what is going on,
        and  we need to remember that any one area studied will not necessarily
         reveal the answer for everywhere else.
        It's clearly a very complicated puzzle, that ought to be solved by now.
        Best Wishes,

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