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Re: Ground wet

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  • patty94@ymail.com
    ... Characteristics, Dosimetry & Measurement of EMF by M. Taki, It s a new WHO pdf. I ve checked and it s available on Yahoo, it s shown and mentioned near
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      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, Pamela Maddock <pamelamaddock@...> wrote:
      > There has been a lot of rain here the ground is wet, this ramped up here after Christmas when the Industries went back after the Holidays.
      > And No-one is nuts that hears and feels this thing .
      > Hi all; If you would like to see a physical representation of the microwave auditory effect, take a look at-

      Characteristics, Dosimetry & Measurement of EMF by M. Taki, It's a new WHO pdf. I've checked and it's available on Yahoo, it's shown and mentioned near the end of the document.
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