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  • Tobypaws2002@aol.com
    In a message dated 06/04/2008 17:12:01 GMT Standard Time, futures8@bellsouth.net writes: the only thing we haven t found is THE source. If only it were as
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2008
      In a message dated 06/04/2008 17:12:01 GMT Standard Time, futures8@... writes:
      the only thing we haven't found is THE source. If only it were as simple as a "household" source.
      Sometimes it can be, but it is comparitively simple to check all one's own equipment....
      freezer. A/C., etc.
       Using a stethoscope can sometimes help identify where a sound is coming from
      Sometimes a neighbour has something running whose sounds
       can permeate into your home;
       again it is often possible to find a direction on such  a very nearby source.
      Sometimes flat (apartment) dwellers pick up noises
      from equipment in neighbouring dwellings,
      not necessarily adjacent.
      Sometimes 'utility' equipment such as a block's central heating system,
      can transfer the noise of a humming water pump or
       gas flame up through the water pipes.
      (I had this at my previous home, on a smaller scale,
      where the noise of the c/h pump travelled through the water pipes to the radiators, and the pipes that ran under
      my bed transferred their hum up through the bed frame, to make a nuisance.
      Turning off the pump fixed that, but I was still left
       with the distant external hum from somewhere outside,
       perhaps from the city of Southampton : I never did find out for sure....)
      What is more difficult than nearby local hums is the presence of mystery 'distant' low hums,
       that I believe can travel miles, and
      can blend with other Hums to make fluctuations in loudness.
      I am convinced that the thousands of complaints around the world will not be just ONE source,
      so I avoid saying "THE" source.
      I honestly think there will turn out to be many similar sources,
       whose individual sounds travel a certain distance, but maybe not ,
       say, hundreds of miles.
      (Depends naturally on the magnitude at source,
       and the medium it is trying to travel in,
      e.g., thunder is a massive amount of energy,
       and travels quite a few miles ,
      having little in the way, in the sky.
      An underground train is still a fairly large amount of energy,
       but the rumbling can't travel very far through the ground,
       which will muffle sounds better than air.)
      So when we say,
      "What is it?"
      It might be better to ask,
      "What are the types of things  (plural) that cause this sort of noise for hearers ?"
      That's just my impression.
      A Mystery hum or hums certainly can cause great
       disruption to the life of anyone unfortunate enough to be affected.
      This I believe is because the brain will want to know what the mystery is,
      and won't ignore what it can hear,
       till it gets a reasonable explanation,
       much as the sufferer wants to ignore 'it'.
      This is a natural response,
      and that is why LFN 'hums' need to be
      clamped-down on / muffled wherever possible,
      because of the distress they can cause.
      Best Wishes,
      LFNS Helpline,
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