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9948Re: Hum started last light, Earth quake today.

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  • John Locke
    Mar 1, 2008
      This is what I experience also with these additional observations.
      Hum seems to be greater closer to the windows.
      Seems somewhat louder on the NW side of the house.
      Seems louder upstairs.
      My bedroom is over a garage and has slanted side walls that go to the ceiling. This room is exceptionally loud.
      My old house seemed to transmit the Hum to the walls, and if I out my ear to the wall I could hear the Hum . However, interestingly, I cannot duplicate this in my new house.
      When the hum is louder I can hear more components to it, like a beating pulse train of maybe 2 beats per second.
      When the gound seems to be saturated with rain, the Hum seems louder. Also during periods of higher humidity. Calm winds and W or NW winds seems to have louder incidence of the Hum. However, if it is stormy outside with rain and wind, the Hum seems to break up and fade in and out. I was not troubled my the Humlast winter, for some reason, this winter has been troublesome. Usually the spring and fall have higher incidence of the Hum and intensity.

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