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9830Re: HAARP transmit times?

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  • kallio_mn
    Feb 8, 2008
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      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "coer_12" <coer_12@...> wrote:
      > --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "kallio_mn" <kallio_mn@> wrote:
      > (partial quote:
      > > 3 Transmitting Not hearing Hum
      > > 3) Inconclusive: Signal may not be reaching listeners location.>>
      > Or- 3) HAARP signal may a canceling effect.
      > Then again, other countries also have HAARP technology. Given that
      > we're all under the same ionosphere it would be difficult to discern
      > who's on first.

      That is the whole point of the ELF receiver and HF spectrum charts and
      EISCAT sites that I have provided links to. Equipment at these sites
      allow us to see what signals are present when. If they exist in any
      strength at all, then they will be visible. If they can propagate all
      the from XYZistan to the back of my head in sufficient strength to
      bother me, then they will show up on a spectrum analyzer.

      Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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