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9774Re: HAARP transmit times?

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  • weels
    Feb 1, 2008
      COOL BEANS!!!
      I'll check 'er out.
      Thanks - WEELS ( Northern NY)

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "kallio_mn" <kallio_mn@...> wrote:
      > One of the pieces of equipment at the HARRP site is a Spectrum Analyzer
      > that displays the amount of energy it received in a band from 1 to 30
      > MHz for the last 36 hours.
      > (http://maestro.haarp.alaska.edu/data/spectrum2/www/hf.html) This type
      > of chart is called a WaterFall chart. The vertical axis is Frequency,
      > the horizontal access is time and the signal intensity is color coded.
      > Since discovering this page, I have visited frequently to check on the
      > general propagation conditions. Today I noticed something interesting.
      > For the first time, there is a very strong (yellow) signal in the 3 MHZ
      > range, followed by similar signals in the middle 6 MHz range, high 9 MHz
      > range, high 12 MHz range, continuing upward in a harmonic progression.
      > As described in their website, this is an automated system. It just
      > records data and publishes html pages without much human intervention.
      > And, when HAARP is active, it should also record the energy at the HAARP
      > main frequency, and if there are any non linearities about, some
      > harmonic energy as well - which is pretty much what we see.
      > Therefore, one should be able to monitor this link and can determine
      > when the HAARP transmitter was operational. Since the time scale is
      > UTC , you can simply ajust the time to your local time zone.
      > (Anchorage is UTC - 9 and Minnesota is UTC -6. ) Now that you have
      > the time, you can correlate the times you hear the Hum with the actual
      > times that HAARP is active!
      > If you hear the Hum when HAARP is not transmitting, then HAARP can not
      > be the source.
      > Kallio
      > Minneapolis, Minnesota
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