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9773HAARP transmit times?

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  • kallio_mn
    Feb 1, 2008
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      One of the pieces of equipment at the HARRP site is a Spectrum Analyzer
      that displays the amount of energy it received in a band from 1 to 30
      MHz for the last 36 hours.
      (http://maestro.haarp.alaska.edu/data/spectrum2/www/hf.html) This type
      of chart is called a WaterFall chart. The vertical axis is Frequency,
      the horizontal access is time and the signal intensity is color coded.

      Since discovering this page, I have visited frequently to check on the
      general propagation conditions. Today I noticed something interesting.
      For the first time, there is a very strong (yellow) signal in the 3 MHZ
      range, followed by similar signals in the middle 6 MHz range, high 9 MHz
      range, high 12 MHz range, continuing upward in a harmonic progression.

      As described in their website, this is an automated system. It just
      records data and publishes html pages without much human intervention.
      And, when HAARP is active, it should also record the energy at the HAARP
      main frequency, and if there are any non linearities about, some
      harmonic energy as well - which is pretty much what we see.

      Therefore, one should be able to monitor this link and can determine
      when the HAARP transmitter was operational. Since the time scale is
      UTC , you can simply ajust the time to your local time zone.
      (Anchorage is UTC - 9 and Minnesota is UTC -6. ) Now that you have
      the time, you can correlate the times you hear the Hum with the actual
      times that HAARP is active!

      If you hear the Hum when HAARP is not transmitting, then HAARP can not
      be the source.

      Minneapolis, Minnesota
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