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  • surfyah
    Nov 3, 2006
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      > >
      > > Hi everyone,
      > >
      > > I am new to the list. I found this group while researching the hum
      > > we have in San Diego.
      > > My husband and I first heard it three weeks ago, although we have
      > > lived at the same place for 11 years.
      > >
      > > During this three weeks, we have had the property manager, the
      > > police department, the water department, SDG&E, the cable company,
      > 3
      > > electrcians, and a plumber visit our apartment. 2 people visiting
      > > could not hear it, the rest could. No one could determine the
      > source.
      > >
      > > This morning, Cingular became involved because "something" is
      > > jamming their signals in our area. The nearest Cingular tower is
      > not
      > > the problem. I contacted the FCC, and Cingular is supposed to co-
      > > ordinate with them to figire this out.
      > >
      > > I am having problems coping with the constant vibration. This
      > > causes lack of sleep, headache, aggravated accupressure meridians,
      > > nausea and disorientation.
      > > I can "feel" and hear the hum within a 3 mile radius of our home.
      > We
      > > desparately want to move.
      > > I haven't read your files and posts yet, but i am hoping for some
      > > ideas for coping with this.
      > >
      > > Thank You,
      > > Debra
      > Hi Debra,
      > Glad you found this forum. It seems it is the only forum like this
      > on the web.
      > I also discovered the hum after I moved into a new home. The worst
      > part was the initial noticing of something that wasn't quite right.
      > A low-frequency noise that never seemed to go away. I felt extreme
      > anxiety for the first few weeks when I finally noticed it. I love
      > moments of quiet and this noise, whatever it was, had stolen it
      > completely. What made it even worse was it is most noticeable when
      > everything else is quiet. I was surprised when nobody else could
      > hear what I was hearing, which got me even more upset. This was all
      > before I even knew of this forum or others that are affected by it.
      > It's scary to think that this low-frequency hum might cover a wide
      > area in a region. I've been wanting to move too, to escape this
      > noise. Since I don't even know the source or sources, it's difficult
      > to know where I could live to escape it. So the decision to move has
      > been stressful and filled with question marks.
      > Please continue to post and keep us all informed of what you find
      > out about the noise. Hopefully you'll find what is causing your
      > misery. It has been a nightmare for me over the last year.
      > Kevin in Indianapolis
      I know you posted in 2004, but the noise is similar to what you are
      experiencing. It continues for 2 years now 24/7 in Clairemont Mesa.
      Near 805 and Balboa. What is it? I've heard the small planes that fly
      by, actually "PUSH" the vibration back towards the freeway 805, when
      the plane is a little revved up. I don't understand, if the plane is
      affecting the sound waves, don't those sound waves and vibrations
      affect the plane's electrical systems? Why don't these small plane
      pilots complain? Something has to be done, 1st PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF
      FOR NOISE CODE VIOLATIONS. To me it sounds like a class action law
      suit. But no one will say what department or company is doing it.
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