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7172Re: Researcher asks: Anybody try to screen off the Hum with Faraday cage?

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  • mack_colin
    Oct 3, 2006
      This is very interesting news, as we really do need experts to work
      out whether this hum is acustic or electro-magnetic.

      A possible clue to the hums nature, is that the majority of us hear it
      in a building but not outside, and that the shape and dimensions of
      the room (room cavity) seems to affect the amplification of the hum

      You will know from your own experience that certain areas of your own
      house is worse than other parts. I find my long narrow corridor on the
      upper floor the worst, yet its away from external windows.

      To me that seems an electo-magnetic effect, which I personally think
      is what we are being hit with.

      It would be a great first step if we knew the true nature of all this,
      so we could find a good countermeasure.

      Colin, Scotland.
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