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7149Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Researcher asks: Anybody try to screen off the Hum with Faraday cage?

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  • Jerry Cummings
    Oct 2, 2006
      Patty, you are so right - this posting by Jaxz has made my heart sing - I have, personally, absolutely removed any idea that this "hum" is internal in any way. I don't, or can't, give any credence to anyone who implies that it is. So, to get this note from Jaxz - well, yes - it is encouraging.
      Jerry - Florida Panhandle

      At 09:26 AM 10/2/2006, you wrote:

      Jaxz, Your expertise and accessibilty to sensitive equipment is very
      encouraging. Prior messages 6467, 6481, 6496, and 6499 from Rossen/
      Bulgaria and Jean/Canada deal with different chambers used in
      exeriments in Germany.
      (Message 6499 contains a link to the English translation of the German
      Thanks for your work! Patty

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "andrewyassin" <jaxzjaxz@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I hear the hum and so does my wife. This is in south Lapland, North
      > Sweden.
      > As a research physicist I have access to great instruments to attempt
      > to solve this puzzle.
      > I have read a lot about the hum, and actually done some very precise
      > acoustic measurements. However, the results were that there was NO
      > audible signal present at all, even though I could hear it loud and
      > clear while measuring.
      > I could measure down to 6Hz with very high sensitivity (20dB L-Eq;
      > that is linear response over the entire spectrum - no filters) using a
      > Bruel&Kjaer 2260 investigator.
      > For infra-sound to be perceptible, very high signal levels are usually
      > required; that is above ca 90dB L-Eq at 16Hz and increasing with
      > decreasing sound frequency.
      > This is a truly amasing piece of instrumentation - in Nort sweden it
      > could pick up a concorde starting in Paris. However, no luck with
      the hum.
      > Next week I'll do some vibrational studies as well using either a
      > Geophone or an accelerometer. Such data might correlate to infra-sound
      > loggings made by the IRF at www.irf.se (institute of space physics,
      > Umea university). Possibly my hum might come from hydroelectric power
      > plants. If so I'll surely be able to measure it.
      > However, if the hum is of electromagnetic origin - it should be
      > possible to screen off the perceived sound by creating a Faraday cage.
      > Did anybody yet rule out that possibility?
      > Please post if you tried to screen it off using a proper cage!
      > Best regards,
      > Jaxz

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