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6756Bay Ridge Hum (New York City)

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  • David Deming
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Something May Be Fishy About Hum Keeping Bay Ridge Residents Awake

      BY MATTHEW LYSIAK - Special to the Sun
      June 1, 2006
      URL: http://www.nysun.com/article/33683

      HMMMM. This mysterious sound in the waters off Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, has baffled
      residents for months. A low pitched vibration known simply as the "Bay Ridge Hum" heard
      near the shore next to the Verrazano Bridge has left some locals not only scratching their
      heads in frustration but deprived of sleep, too.

      While several hypotheses as to the cause - passing trains, treatment plants, even UFOs -
      have been floated, so to speak, one new hunch is that fish may cause it.

      "Everyone is just dying to find out what is making that noise," the district manager of
      Brooklyn Community Board No.10, which includes Bay Ridge, Josephine Beckmann, said.
      "We have been getting calls since last spring."

      (for the rest of the story, follow the URL above.)
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