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5236Microwaves govern us

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  • humlobotomist
    Dec 1, 2005

      ELECTROMAGNETIC "smog" from mobile phone networks and whitegoods
      could affect mood and behaviour, a psychiatrist says.

      Michael Berk, of the University of Melbourne, has found a link
      between the suicide rate and increases geomagnetic storms, triggered
      by solar flares.

      Professor Berk, who treats patients with bipolar disorder, analysed
      suicides in Australia from 1968 to 2000 and matched them to data on
      solar flares.

      In most years there was a small but significant increase in the
      suicide rate among women on the day of a solar flare and up to two
      days later. The study was a "natural experiment", he said, because it
      allowed scientists to objectively analyse an increase in exposure.

      The finding meant it was feasible that electrical and communications
      equipment could affect mood, Professor Berk said, though not
      inevitably for the worse.

      John McGrath, professor of psychiatry at the University of
      Queensland, said the finding was important but it was hard to know
      how magnetism might biologically affect suicidal behaviour.
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