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4170Propagation of Infrasonic Waves

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  • humlobotomist
    Jul 1, 2005
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      These two referred documents below describe HAARP and ionospheric
      heaters ability to produce infrasonic acoustic waves, this in
      addition to that we for sure know these facilities produce EM waves
      in multiple frequencies.

      I keep pointing with all my arm, HAARP and ionospheric heaters are
      the strongest candidate of the criminal producing the Hum. The clues
      could be read at:


      HAARP Experiments

      •A successful experiment would enable us to set a threshold on the
      energy density at altitude that is necessary for the production of
      infrasonic (acoustic) waves.

      • Experimental parameters include:

      – Modulated heating with periods from 10 – 50 seconds
      – Heating altitudes near ~ 100km
      – Heating during both quiet and enhanced E-region conditions


      Auroral Infrasound: Natural & Stimulated – John Olson
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