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232Re: HUM_FORUM: "Hearing" Radio Waves

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  • Angelo Campanella
    Feb 29, 2004
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      At 11:27 PM 2/29/2004 +0000, you wrote:
      >Are you familiar with the supposed HAARP ELF transmissions said to be
      >used by the military to communicate with submarines? There is a
      >discussion on it at http://www.brojon.com/frontpage/bj1204.html. The
      >tone is rather conspiracy-theory but if true...
      >A more recent article from the same author proposes that charged
      >particles are being shot back and forth between magnetic poles of the
      >earth along the magnetic field lines, which, if I'm not mistaken,
      >would cause generation of EMR in Schumann resonance ranges - 7-50 Hz.

      OK Those article do a fair job in describing what HAARP is. It
      seems that there are two frequency ranges claimed; one in the radio HF
      range, above 3 mHz, the characteristics of which every old radio Ham knows
      like the back of his hand, and the low audio end and down to 1 Hz and less.
      I feel that I can safely say that, were these low audio waves were strong
      enough to bother humans, they would be very easy to detect, and hence be
      well known to audiophiles as they likely would permeate their audio
      preamplifiers as unwanted "hum" amplified and subsequently quenched by
      their trouble-shooting, and certainly a topic of endless conversation by them.

      Angelo Campanella
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