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1874Re: San Diego Hum

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  • watcherashera777
    Dec 2 9:54 AM
      I talked with The EPA, who referred me to the county supervisor for
      San Diego. He was familiar with various "Hum" issues through out
      the US. He said such issues are now under the Jurisdiction of
      Homeland Security. Apparently, the government feels such phenomena
      may be microwave or radio frequency oriented.

      I must confess, talking to all these people and being referred to so
      many agencies has left me very confused.

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "Tricia" <tricia@s...> wrote:
      > Hi, Debra,
      > Thanks for the detailed account of your Hum experience. Although
      > description of the Hum sounds familiar, your experience differs
      > significantly from most of ours because both you and your husband,
      > well as others visiting your home, can hear it. Most of us are
      > sufferers.
      > Although terrible for you that the Hum is so loud in San Diego,
      > a hopeful sign that it's being acknowledged and investigated by
      > Cingular and the FCC. Please keep us posted on anything you hear
      > them or other agencies. Perhaps this will be a breakthrough.
      > Tricia
      > Minden, NV
      > Hum-hearer since 1999
      > P.S. The Hum remains relatively quiet here in Northern Nevada.
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