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  • Soozie
    Jul 1, 2014
       Welcome to the group. Basically, all of us in the forum here have considered the cell phone tower transmissions, microwave tower transmissions, and all of the known military tower transmissions and most of us do not feel that this has any correlation to the hum. The members in this forum are from worldwide locations and this is a worldwide phenomena. That simple fact rules out a lot of U.S. or other known military sources barring HAARP , because we have not been able to ascertain which HAARP facilities are truly active or not around the world as well as other things.
       Basically, what we here in the forum have ascertained is that there are several different groups of "hum" sources or types. One group on here feels their hum has an industrial source, big factories/industry, natural gas lines, wifi utility transmissions, fracking, etc. Frequently this is more regional and can be proven in some areas to exist by standing waves in pools of water, just to name one indicator, or by other scientific means. The next group on the forum have many physical symptoms sometimes involving their whole body. There are many complicated medical conditions that can contribute to the hearing of the hum and those can cause some very serious health issues. Another group on here have no confirmed source for their hum. They cannot contribute their hum to any of other sources that I mentioned above and most feel their hum is from the Earth itself, and/or things happening with regards to the Earth or the solar system. They/ I cannot find any correlation to any for of man made source at all. There is no weather relationship that can be discerned in this group of "humlings".
       We all are trying to support each other on here, no matter the source, and are trying to cope with the impact of hearing the hum and all that that entails.
       A lot of the members here are science based/trained/educated professionals and as the result a lot of theories as to the source have been thoroughly investigated and ruled out by most of us on here, including cell phone towers. The real source or sources still has yet to be confirmed but we have ruled out a lot by testing, investigation, comparing notes, and simple logic. Our discussions here help us to have a more clear focus on what is really happening with our hums regardless of the differing possible sources.
      I hope this has helped to better explain the perspectives here on the forum.

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      There is a lot of drilling in Texas, but not in my area.  And it has been going on for longer than they have been fracking in an area 100 miles away.  Good thought, though.  I wondered about cell phone towers.

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