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  • lidia1313
    Jun 30, 2014
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      Veiled Mistery,
      I have as well a slight hearing loss in the right ear at 5 KHz and above but I hear the Hum in my left ear predominantly. I have a confirmed MEM (middle ear myoclonus) of which I already wrote before. Can you or anyone else on the forum ask their ENT specialist to perform the Decay Contra Reflex test for MEM? So far no one has been tested but I think it would be crucial to know. Many people presume they have perfect hearing and even if the pure tone audiometry does not show any abnormality - a hearing loss, it does not exclude the MEM for them until this specific test is done.

      A way to test yourself at home is to go into a quiet room and close your ears with the fingertips, if you hear rapid boom-boom-boom sound or feel any fluttering in your ear, chances are that most likely you have a MEM which the doctors can confirm. If you have involuntary teeth chattering and hear clicks in your ears and popping in the frontal sinuses, this may be another symptom of MEM. Also at night, you may hear a very low, slow thumping as on a huge drum - this is MEM as well. So if your tensor tympani muscles have the abilty to vibrate at 10 to 70 cycles per second, and this condition is constant with the MEM, then the Hum frequency (measured around the same range of Hz), would create resonance in your ears and give rise to a feeling that the Hum originates within your head - that is why many people believe that the Hum is an internal condition, which is not. It is rather external phenomenon, coupled by an internal ailment...

      Apart from the MEM, one may have a deviated nasal septum. Mine is deviated at right, while the Hum I hear is in the left. This might be as well related to ET (Eustachian Tube) dysfunction, often found in patients with MEM and other myoclonic disorders.

      Thanks for reading,

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