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  • Soozie
    Jun 29, 2014
       For the record, most of us on the forum hear the hum only in one ear. Most have had their hearing checked and most have reported no hearing loss in either ear. Though a few have reported some hearing loss in one ear or the other, this does not seem to be a factor in hearing the hum.

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      Now this could be interesting if you have the hearing test results in detail. I had a test done recently and one ear has a slight loss in the 6-8k Hz range. I ( probably like most heares ) always thought that I could hear the Hum in both ears , turns out I was wrong , a few weeks ago I placed my hand, palm down, between my "bad" ear and my pillow and the HUM vanished ( probably due to masking noise), I then did the same with my other ear and the HUM stayed proving I could only hear the HUM in my bad ear. You could probably do a similar experiment with a single headphone on very low volume.  I wonder if the lack of background noise in the 6-8KHz range in my bad ear is preventing those frequencies from masking the HUM naturally, just a thought.  If anyone who has partial hearing loss ( per a recent hearing  test, not just because your spouse nags you about your hearing! ) can emulate my experience above , then we may be onto something, especailly if you only have one bad ear and thats the same one you can hear  the HUM with.

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