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  • Soozie
    Jun 29, 2014
      It's not just a matter of having your hearing tested. You have to have a thorough exam by an ear nose and throat doctor. They should be looking for any possible physical reason for the hum. There are many kinds of internal ear abnormalities that should be ruled out by a specialist to be certain these are not your personal cause of hearing the hum. 
       Regular hearing tests are not enough to rule out all ear issues pertaining to the hum. This is not a hearing issue, but it can be internal ear abnormalities. These need to be ruled out for each of us.

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      I know that is not my blood type, not sure what is though.  For me, it's my hearing.  After having it tested, I was told that it is 20% above the average. 

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       I am going to make an annonymous  poll to try and find commonality amongst hearers, please submit your suggestions, please do some research that shows only 4-5% of the world population possess your suggestion eg, my first suggestion is blood type, only approx 5% of the world population has Rh O - blood  so  I will be asking the question , what blood type are you?.  Lets try and find a physical commonality amongst hearers.

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