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17895Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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  • wfbarto
    May 2, 2014
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      I am sending a link to a Youtube video about this condition and some its possible causes and effects.  In the video, it is mentioned that there is a a "National Radio Quiet Zone" located in and around a very small town called Green Bank, West Virginia.  In this zone, all forms of EMF is banned and that there are a number of people that are moving there for this reason.  I have not yet checked its location to see if there are people in this area that hear the hum.  If not, it would be interesting to know if it is due to the absence of the hum, the absence of very many people living there, or the absence of sources of EMF in this region.  Has anyone researched this area to investigate these possibilities?

      The video is produced by Lyn Leahz who is a fairly reliable source of investigative reporting.  Here is the link:  HAARP, EMF Technology: MUCH WORSE Than We Thought!


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