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  • Soozie
    Apr 29, 2014
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      Hi Glen,
       I looked at the map and read the few that are around me here in northwest Indiana and I noticed the one marker in Crown Point Indiana:
      This should be in Crown Point, OREGON not INDIANA!

      Thanks for your care and efforts!
       "Timestamp[1]: Jun 23, 2013
      When is the sound the loudest?: At night
      Please describe the sound: Low pulsing hum when I stand still I can heard it. I have been there with some friends on multiple nights and they don't hear it. It is louder on overcast nights.
      Does the sound ever stop? Please tell us about this.: It is persistant and continous. But I have never stayed through sunrise and I don't hear it during the day
      Does the sound ever "pulse" or "throb"?: Less than once per second on average
      Where is it the loudest?: Outside
      Have you tried tracking down the source of the noise?: With some effort
      If you can escape The Hum by driving, how far must you drive?(Answer in Miles):
      Answer in kilometres (km):
      When did you start hearing it?: 2002
      Can you provide a precise date when you first noticed it? (If "No", then leave blank):
      In which ear is it the strongest?: equally in both ears
      If you have matched the freuqency of The Hum with a tone generator, please tell us the matching frequency:
      How far away from high voltage lines are you?: Not sure
      Are there natural gas pipelines in your area?: Not sure
      Does your home have a "smart meter"?: Not sure
      How far away is the ocean from your location?: More than 50 miles away
      Please list any unusual geographic, geological, or other features in your area: This is not my house. It is a museum/tourist attraction called the Vista house and is very old. It looks over the Columbia River Gorge, on the side of a cliff basically.
      Which is your dominant hand?: Ambidextrous (can use both well)
      Your gender: Female
      Please enter your age (just a single number, no words please): 25
      Medical complaints from The Hum (check all that apply): Irritability
      Please list the city where you live or can hear The Hum:
      Please list other cities where you have heard it:
      Do you have any medical issues with your hearing?: No
      Did we forget to ask anything? Do you have any other information or details for the project?:
      If you have matched The Hum frequency using a tone generator, the frequency is between:
      Where is The Hum location you are reporting?DON'T GIVE YOUR HOME ADDRESS. Please give a nearby intersection: Crown Point, Canby Or Historic Hwy
      What direction does the Hum seem to come from? (If any): west, the glowing city of portland OR in the night "

      This should be in Crown Point OR not IN!

      Thanks for your care and efforts!
      From: Glen MacPherson <glen.macpherson@...>
      To: humforum@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 8:08 AM
      Subject: HUM_FORUM: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: HUM_FORUM: Cell tower maps, gas pipeline maps, and electric grid line maps

      Thanks, Steve. I had a very good interview with Jared. We covered a a lot of ground and I look forward to seeing how he aims to summarize everything he has heard. After more than a half dozen requests of this sort (documentary/film, etc), I'm still waiting to see a final media product.



      On 29 April 2014 03:55, Steve Kohlhase <c_o_p_s_ne@...> wrote:
      When I want to compare hum locations to lines in my mapping for US interstate/ intrastate NG and hazardous liquid pipelines, I go to a US government site called the NPMS Public Viewer. It is by county and very useful.  It isn't useful for the mapping effort as background.
      How was your talk with Jared?
      On Monday, April 28, 2014 10:34 PM, Glen MacPherson <glen.macpherson@...> wrote:
      Thanks, Steve.

      I have located one or two decent regional ones, but the best of what I've seen is either expensive commercial grade or very narrow in scope. I'm sure it's out there, though.



      On 28 April 2014 05:43, Copsne <c_o_p_s_ne@...> wrote:
      I've tried in the past to get HP NG pipeline maps from FERC that could be embedded into a mapping location program. The person there tried to accommodate me, but with no success. This is the reason I have to use the pdf 2009 rev of the US map from the EIA ( energy information agency) for my research. 
      Sorry I cant help as I've always wanted the feature your trying to get to. 

      Sent from Steve's iPhone and I appologize for typo's and auto corrects

      On Apr 27, 2014, at 7:39 PM, Glen MacPherson <glen.macpherson@...> wrote:

      I just learned how - finally - to roll out a much-requested feature on the Hum Map: clickable overlays of infrastructure maps and other notable points of interest. As well, a refined search tool.

      But I need the maps. I've searched and I'm not satisfied with the detail or the scope of the maps that I've found. As soon as somebody can direct me to downloadable maps of the above infrastructure (in KML format or a format that Google Maps can read), I can start building the interface for doing the overlays.

      As always, your help is appreciated.



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