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  • Joette
    Apr 25, 2014

      I am, and always have been, drug free.  So this theory sure doesnt apply to me!  


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      Subject: HUM_FORUM: Re: [humforum] New Poll for humforum: OTOTOXIC DRUGS and the Hum hearing


      Hi, All,

      Thank you for submitting your anonymous votes. It is very important to help establish or rule out a connection between the onset of the Hum hearing and the use of certain ototoxic drugs. I really would appreciate your help here as I would like to know why (which conditions trigger the Hum hearing) some people hear the Hum and others don't. I have been using about 11 of the mentioned in the poll drugs at some point of my life. Apart from the MEM, I have been diagnosed with a mild hearing loss while suffering from the Hum. My Hum and related Hum effects (vibrations and tinnitus) started roughly after taking Syndol for a prolonged period of time to help me cope with severe tension headaches and help me sleep (due to the strong pain I was not able to fall asleep), and also after taking anti-malarial drug for a trip to Asia. Unfortunately in the "black" list is Carbamazepine, the drug commonly used for treatment of MEM, so I would now opt out of ever using it. Recently I was prescribed a Valporic Acid  (also in the "black" list here) in order to see whether it will reduce my sensitivity to the Hum. I only took it for 10 days and discontinued as my tinnitus and hearing of the Hum got really worse. I did not know at the time that it can be ototoxic.
      Please read the list carefully and decide for yourself.
      Thank you again for your participation in this poll!
      P.S. This is the website with a very good information on the ototoxic drugs (I took from here the list for the poll):


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