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17872Re: New Poll for humforum: OTOTOXIC DRUGS and the Hum hearing

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  • Jerry Cummings
    Apr 26, 2014
      This morning - April 26, around 4 am ct - the hum STOPPED for less
      than 3 seconds. I was amazed at the quiet and thought for a moment
      that I had lost my hearing altogether because of the lack of "noise".
      But, alas - it began again, but with a different tone and different volume.
      Wouldn't it be wonderful if we who hear this hum could have that
      peace that comes from the quiet and real silence that IS there
      without the "hum' - it IS there.
      I am also convinced that those who "do not" hear the hum have just
      accepted it as background noise.
      Anyway - it was wondeful.
      Florida Panhandle
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