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17417Re: HUM_FORUM: Hum link to DC massacure

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  • Copsne
    Sep 20, 2013
      Yeah, but put it into the context of outside the lab. Keep saying really need field data and experts to help guide scientific discussion. I think Jim provides some in depth knowledge on this stuff

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      On Sep 20, 2013, at 9:57 AM, "Cottrell, Danyele Marie" <dcottrel@...> wrote:


      Microwaves where the first thing that I thought when I heard about the shooter having ‘voices in his head’.   He also could have had schizophrenia, but who knows….


      My thought is that there is no such thing as LF microwaves.  The definition of microwaves involves only high frequency waves.  Microwave frequencies are “roughly 1.0 gigahertz to 30 gigahertz”

      Which is wavelenths from 30 centimeters to 1.0 cm.


      I evidently need a lesson in this, as I found this article below and it does mention “extremely low frequency microwaves”.







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       Hi Patty....I did hear about the reference to "ELF" that he had etched into and written on the barrel of his shotgun.  When I heard it on the news, they said that the "officials" had NO idea what this could possibly mean or be in reference to!  What a bunch of empty brains we have leading these investigations!


      I have noticed that the "hum" has picked back up in intensity and daily duration over the past few weeks (since the beginning of September) at my location after about 4 months of relative calm from May through the end of August.  The previous theory posted on this forum about the intensity of the hum correlating to the amount of sunspot activity would seem to be debunked by this timing as I have read several articles about the sunspot activity being at an all time low since the beginning of September  The beginning of September was just about the time when I began to notice an increase in the intensity and daily duration of the hum.


      Any other thoughts on this?

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      Hi Steve and Denise; I didn't hear about the vibrations but I did hear Diane Sawyer repeating the message that was left on his gun. It said something about this being my ELF weapon. This hum is dangerous. I have read different messages around the web when I was first searching this thing out and some people get paranoid, some blamed teenagers with wireless toys. Maybe the FCC will be forced to reinvestigate the not often observed Microwave Auditory Effect. Hazard now being innocent lives being taken.

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      > When I heard about the vibrations,that w as the first thing I thought of was the hum
      > c_o_p_s_ne@... wrote:
      > > 
      > >
      > >Does anyone get a feeling this guy was pummeled by Hum.  My map has DC/ Ft Worth and DeKalb as clusters.  He lived there and the authorities say he was being subjected to microwave vibrations by someone and could not sleep (obviously I subscribe to HP NG pipelines, not microwaves).  I have the LF measurements of the hum from 2010 in Lanzas neighborhood, sent to CT authorities, and my own personal observations of it a few miles from his home.
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