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17399Re: HUM_FORUM: It seems to me a more simple cause

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  • iprefertruth
    Sep 12, 2013
      In a message dated 08/09/2013 09:10:33 GMT Daylight Time, dcottrel@... writes:
      We need a real-time hum map like the real-time earthquake map.  If only it were fully automated... Which will never happen but one can dream.  ;-)
      Nice thought, but I doubt if it would help : I would expect it to show
      apparent clusters in more densely populated areas.
      But if it gave the exact times of starting/stopping/amplitude, it might help identify some culprits....
      Over some 26 years, I haven't read or heard anything anywhere to suggest  anything other than 'it'
      (a misnomer in my humble opinion,I'm convinced  it isn't just 'one'...) being a result
       of so much industrial and commercial activity, all over the world.
      Most likely some places are louder than others, maybe the lie of the land plays a part :
      the whole puzzle is very complicated.
      Plus, for one reason or another, some people become sensitised to
      low frequencies.
      Plus, even when culprits ARE identified, they 'hide' behind the lax noise laws,
       and it is deemed
      to be 'not a statutory nuisance', in spite of ruining the
      well-being, and potentially, general long-term health  of those
       poor people affected by it.
      LFNSH, England

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