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  • Cottrell, Danyele Marie
    May 1 8:04 AM

      So some of are seeing it as increasing the last few days and some have reported it has stopped.  Aagghh

      Denver – drop in temps noted.   Here in Bloomington, temps have risen about 30 degrees from what it has been the days before it got really loud. 


      This is what I mean by the hum seeming so random.    My brain hurts thinking about it  (and hearing it!)


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      Hum was very loud last night here in western Denver.  I suspect a lot of natural gas being pumped around 50 degree temperature drop over the last few days. 

      On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 9:19 PM, Danyele <dcottrel@...> wrote:


      Here in bloomington IN it has been the loudest we can remember since it first started. Since i mostly hear it at home where we are away from traffic its hard to pinpoint a time but we noticed it 4/28-still going strong at 11pm on 4/30. I give up on a reason. It is way to random and doesn't seem to correlate to anything -- at my wits end.

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      > last night was the quietest HUM for over a year, I contacted a member of this group and let them know this fact, they too had noticed a dramatic drop last night. I won't post the locations or it may ruin the results here, but we are 60 miles part,a major waterway between us, different grid, different gas lines, different cell towers , so did anyone else experince a near zero hum last night mon pm/tue am ? maybe post city/town only, lets see if our HUMs are related!
      > John


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