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  • Stringpickin
    Apr 1, 2013
      Hey there xyz

      This is a 207hz tone mixed with a white noise file. The 207 is adjusted so that you basically cannot hear it no matter how loud you turn it up: because the whitenoise sound is adjusted just a little bit louder so it hides the 207 bare tone..

      Try turning it up a little louder and see if it can actually mask your tinnitus as well.. I have found I can turn this humblocker up quite loud and still get lulled to sleep by it..

      I am so glad it is helping you too.. And yes,, that 207 find came from many sleepless nights and a few things I had observed about the hum all added up to running me to try to use specific frequencies to "hide" or mask the hum.. And in my research of that I found that 207hz is the magic tone.. I am so thankful for it as I am so thankful that it is helping you and others as well.. Thank the Lord for the ability to use our heads and the brains he gave us.. and to get a bit lucky now and then too..

      All the best..

      Try turning it up just a bit more.. as I say, I can turn it rather loud and still get lulled off to sleep by it..

      I am assuming you did get the new one right?? 207 with white noise???? Mp3....


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      Hello String

      What is different with this tone ? I made my own 207hz but this one sounds a little different?

      I have been having a difficult time this winter and only about 3 weeks of sleep, I had been using the 207 that I had generated but had given up.

      I tried your new 207 last night and it does stop the hum for me and I was able to turn the volume down to the point where I almost could not hear the tone and yet the hum stayed off :-)

      When the hum goes off I do get a high pitched frequency but that is probably tinnitus. I was able to sleep much better but woke up very often, but at least felt much better that usual.

      I also had more colourfull dreams as if I was getting a load lifted.

      You must have been following your intuitions when you first discovered this tone I would say.


      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "Stringpickin" <stringpickin@...> wrote:
      > I am just reporting in on how “fantastic” this new humblocker is for me and I hope that everyone gives it a try..
      > I hope that any of you who have not tried the tone generator or this
      > humblocker will give it a try.. I cannot believe how wonderfully I
      > slept last night
      > with it alone playing on my stereo while I slept.. I actually woke up and turned off the humblocker when I got up and the hum was sure enough right there, but I had a smile on my face because I didn’t know it was until I turned off the humblocker.. The humblocker is soothing enough to me that I do not need another source of white noise or a fan or something to make it bearable.. It alone is more than bearable..
      > I cannot hear the s207hz tone at all in it... And even my daughter
      > says to her (she does not hear the hum) that it sounds like the ocean
      > to her and does not bother her in the least whereas the 207 alone did
      > get on her nerves. She said the humblocker is actually kind of
      > soothing.. And I must agree.. I was
      > Completely surprised that I only woke up 3 times last night and to my
      > knowledge it was not because of the hum…
      > So, I am hopeful that you all give this a try.. One person stated that it did not seem to get rid of the vibration effect from the hum.. I noticed personally that instead of turning the volume level up just enough to kick the hum off and proceeded to turn it up a small yet generous amount above that point(still not that loud) that the vibration was gone seemingly completely.. So maybe try turning it up a little louder.. The tone and the white noise together is so non-intrusive that it can be turned up fairly loud and still be soothing. I am very happy with the results so far.. I sure hope it can help any and all of you.. Please give it a whirl for your own sake..
      > All the best
      > string


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