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16019Re: Bloomington, IN. -update

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  • Danyele
    Nov 1, 2012
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      I found this site:

      It sounds most like 72 or 74 Hz, but instead of being a steady sound as is on the link, it has a more random undulating to it where it gets very slightly louder then softer...or maybe it goes between 72 and 74??
      It was VERY loud for about 2 weeks and is now gone! So... I am going on memory instead of actual comparison.

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      > Definitely mechanical in nature I am positive. To note, last year none of
      > our dogs seemed to be affected by it.
      > Hi,
      > Do you have a rough idea of the frequency of the hum you hear?
      > Dogs' hearing apparently goes from around 40Hz to 40 Khz,
      > much higher than humans'.
      > From general concensus, anecdotal from what people say, nuisance
      > noise-in-the-air hums seem to be from around 30Hz to 70Hz.
      > Years ago I was given a tape with a selection of low hums , made at ISVR,
      > Southampton (they were very helpful, but later they had to charge for
      > everything they did, so I haven't been able to go back since....), and the ones
      > that sounded nearest to 'my' nuisance hum were 30 to 70Hz. We humans can
      > hear lower than our supposed lower limit of 20Hz, if it's loud enough...
      > Best Wishes,
      > R.M.,
      > LFNSH, England.
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