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15183Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Vibrations of the HUM (my low calcuim diet)

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  • Soozie
    Jun 20, 2012
      Fantastic! Thanks!!! Let me know what your results are.
      Another thing that might play into why my hum stopped. Earlier it was posted that bacteria and infection might play a role. I was, of course, also given a powerful dose of antibiotics when I had my surgery. Is it possible that it got rid of the bacteria that makes me able to hear the hum?
      It gets curiouser and curiouser!

      From: Jennifer Howells <bozziewozzie@...>
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      Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Vibrations of the HUM (my low calcuim diet)

      Hello ...

      Thank you for this info re K2... will try it.

      Peace to you


      From: Soozie <soozieqty1@...>
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      Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Vibrations of the HUM (my low calcuim diet)

      Thank you Vee!
       I totally agree!  I am SOOOo glad you brought this to the table!!
       I have been a long term heavy mega vitamin user and think I should bring this to the group's attention. My hum has stopped! I had surgery on my hand April 30th this year and have not heard it since and had not been able to understand why. Upon analyzing it I was thinking about what had changed with me. One vitamin that I had added only recently is vitamin K2!! I am still on it for now too. I think I will stop taking it to see if the hum comes back.
       I would also recommend to anyone in the group who might be willing to try it, to go buy some cheap K2 and take it according to the directions on the bottle and see what happens!
       Stopping calcium is not a good idea and can cause other health issues, please reconsider!
      You might be on to something here!

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      Sent: Sunday, June 3, 2012 10:12 AM
      Subject: HUM_FORUM: Re: Vibrations of the HUM (my low calcuim diet)

      Vitamin K2 puts calcium into the bones where it belongs instead of other parts of the body like arteries, joints, tissues, etc. Problem is we do NOT have adequate K2 in our diets any more. Calcium is a GOOD thing if it goes where it is supposed to. It it one of the 4 electrolytes in the blood besides building our bones and teeth. Primitive diets had many times more calcium than we had (much more dense nutrition generally) and the people were much healthier in every way. Cutting calcium for the long term may not be good. why not just use a moderate amount of calcium along with vitamin K2 and do some chelating to remove calcium from places it does not belong.

      --- In mailto:humforum%40yahoogroups.com, "mack_colin" <mack_colin@...> wrote:
      > Hi, I was hearing the hum and feeling the vibrations for the last 7 years now in through my right ear, my left ear does not hear it at all.
      > Over the last 2 years, I have been using a low calcium diet (see previous old posts) which has reduced the sound of the hum to almost zero, but still do get the vibration of the hum up through my pillow at night on a random basis, but not as intense as it used to be.
      > I do put a foam earplug in my right ear, when I hear the hum, as I do know that hum vibration can get into the brain and nervous system and give me headaches, and feel hellish in the morning.
      > Its just a pity this diet I am on does not get rid of the vibration part of the hum or I could call my low calcuium diet a 100% cure, but unfortunately not quite there yet.
      > [MY DIET. No cheese, reduced milk and butter, and reduced dairy products.
      > Note: not suitable for women unless regulated, re: brittle bone dangers.
      > Based on: calcium cyristals forming in the ear attuned to the hum frequency,so by reducing calcium should detune it, and it does work for me, regarding the sound part].
      > Cheers Colin_Mack, West central Scotland.

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