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15103Re: Vibrations of the HUM

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  • lidia1313
    Jun 1, 2012
      Hi, Patty,

      All I can say is that you could also consider the information (too complicated for a person without a deep knowlegde in physics) I have found on these two webpages:



      I have flown 1500 miles away from home and the Hum is here, with all its horrible vibrations. This madness should be stopped!

      Whatever happens on this Earth, I hope one day there will be JUSTICE.
      God Bless,

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      > >
      > > I am an acute Hum sufferer, and not only can hear it, but also feel its powerful vibrations through the sole of my feet, also resonanting in my chest, throat, pelvis, heart and head ... I can say that they follow me pretty much everywhere, when I am not at home and/or can't hear the Hum, I can feel these strong vibrations. It is not only me, but also my partner (though not in acute state), which rules out a possibility of neurological disorder. I desperately need to stop feeling the hum vibrations as I assume they are a real health hazard.
      > >
      > > Can anyone explain the possible corelation with electromagnetic fields? If this theory supports the electromagnetic pulses hearing, how that it is possible to feel electromagnetic vibrations? And why the hum can be heard in rural areas, non polluted by EM fields?
      > > The vibrations are not attenuated by any tone generators, box fans, music, etc. This is the most disturbing part of the Hum.
      > >
      > > I have recently bought a holografically imprinted matrix (from Safe Space Products) designed especially to neutralise the electromagnetic fields by configuring them from chaotic to harmonic waves, but the Hum doesn't seem to be affected by it.
      > >
      > > I had an important experience recently. Last night the Hum has completely dissapeared, together with the
      > > strong vibrations in my body (mostly feet and chest) exactly at 1:57 a.m. when I heard and saw a
      > > police (?) red-light blinking helicopter hovering in the neighbour
      > > area of Kingston upon Thames. The helicopter hovered on the same spot in the sky for about 10 minutes, slightly moving at all,
      > > then changed direction towards Teddington where I live, and NO HUM OR VIBRATIONS were perceived at the time.
      > >
      > > Since it
      > > left the area, the Hum has come back even stronger, together with the powerful vibrations, isn't it strange? I usually continue to feel the vibrations even when an airplane is passing over my house, or when there is a car idling just under my window, but with the helicopter last night, I can swear, the Hum completely dissapeared together with all its sickening manifestations, and I felt so much myself again, as if something has switched off instatntly and has freed me, I was back to normal!
      > >
      > > Now the Hum is back, pulsating, vibrating and with some short bursts sometimes (it's been raining quite a alot recently) and I feel trapped inside it, like in the Edward Munk painting "The Scream", with nowhere to hide, nowhere to go... If you can cover the noise by fans, how would you escape from the vibrations? They are resonating in my whole body now and I feel suffocating.
      > > Does anyone have an explanation of this?
      > > Are we a subject of some kind of a global scale mass experiment?? ?
      > > Thank you for reading and for your comments! I appreciate your thoughts!
      > >
      > > Lidia
      > >
      > Hi Lidia; Yes, the Scream says it all. I've even seen where some have done thier own version with a telecommunication tower in it.
      > I have three paspers that I found on google. They are scientific research papers and to me were difficult to get thru but, I think I have a basic understanding of them now (eight years of research and suffering).
      > !. Human Auditory Perception of Pulsed Radiofrequency Energy by J.A. Elder and C.K. Chou Motorola Floride Research Laboratories
      > (Running title: Audiotry Perception of RF Pulses
      > 2.Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation
      > By Henry Lai Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle
      > 3.Scientific Literature on Biological Effects of Radio Frequency Radiation: Criteria for Evaluation By James C. Lin University of Illinois at Chicago. This paper evaluates the scientific understanding of the HUM (but of course as far as I know none of them have actually heard it)
      > My understanding so far is that they consider the effect a thermal heating with a pressure wave that gets tranmitted to the brain the same way as regular sound. After eight years, I am sure it is more than that. The vibrations I feel in my feet, legs, hands and facial nerve feel electrically or maybe magnetically induced within my nervous system. I have found that a SRI (seratonin-reuptake-inhibitor) probably not spelled correctly does help with the pain, doesn't help that much with sleep, but I'm not crying all night from pain and wondering what kind of people are running our free democracys'.
      > I do hope you can make sense of the papers.
      > Wishing you the best, knowledge is power.
      > Patty
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