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12659Re: HUM_FORUM: ELFs, EMF reversals etc

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  • Zack Widup
    Jan 1 7:50 PM
      On 1/1/11, ncycat <ncycat@...> wrote:
      > The theory that has me interested stems first from the idea that a naturally
      > evolving electromagnetic system (like biological ones) would be influenced
      > and helped by the presence of a low-energy field that is already in place.
      > Because biological creatures aren't giant dynamos, their nervous systems
      > would have extremely low frequencies that they generate naturally, which
      > would "float" (please excuse the extremely unscientific term, I'm not
      > entirely certain how to put it) upon that present in the environment. Human
      > electromagnetic fields, for example, can range from .3 MHz to 15 MHz,
      > depending on emotional state, health, etc. (and inversely can affect each of
      > those) These line up quite nicely with the Schumann Fields that exist
      > naturally-- but I admit finding reliable sources on this data is extremely
      > difficult.

      I don't quite get this. How do the human electromagnetic fields in the
      range .3 to 15 MHz line up with Schumann resonances? The Schumann
      frequency varies slightly through the day, week and season but is
      basically in the range of 7.7 to 8.1 Hz - around .000007 MHz.

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