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11666Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Every month, it seems to be getting worse in Brandon FL (PAINFUL sound now!)

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  • Bill Curry
    Nov 12, 2009
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          I too have read Elder and Chou and a number of other papers.  I think that you are missing the fact that the perceived audio frequency will depend on the number per second of a series of clicks.  Microwave hearing produces one click per each pulse of microwave radiation.  A sequence of pulses begins to be heard as a buzz as the number of clicks in each sequence is increased.  If you have seen the press release that Gerd Oberfeld sent from Salzburg when he subjected volunteers to microwave radiation from a nearby GSM cell tower that had been previously passed through an openable shield into the test chamber and the volunteer inside the chamber, you would recall that some volunteers reported hearing a low frequency buzz, though others did not.  The purpose of the experiment was actually to demonstrate that human exposure to microwave radiation could actually change human brain wave patterns.  I have the press release and a graph, but regrettably the resultant paper was never published.
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      From: Arne
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      Subject: RE: HUM_FORUM: Re: Every month, it seems to be getting worse in Brandon FL (PAINFUL sound now!)


      NOT credible, because the perceived noise (via microwave auditory effect) is far above that which most hearers experience.  The microwave effect is in the KHz range vs Hz

      (http://www3. interscience. wiley.com/ journal/10656526 1/abstract).  It has not been perceived below 5 KHz.

      Most of us hear the hum in the range < 100 Hz, which rules out the microwave effect as a source.

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      …Why shouldn't we be able to interpet the HUM as Microwave Auditory Effect? It is a crediable interpetation and has been attached to this technology for a long time…

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