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11653Re: Every month, it seems to be getting worse in Brandon FL (PAINFUL sound now!)

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  • coatesmargaret
    Nov 4 1:56 PM
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      Greenhorn, I know what you're going through with the pain. Thankfully, not all hum hearers seem to have those extreme sensations. Where I used to live my head sometimes felt as if it was in a vice and my ears as though a rod was being pushed through from one ear to the other. When it was bad I wore industrial strength ear pads. They didn't block the hum but they did lessen the pressure and pain.

      I read some case studies about power company employees working on high tension wires, who'd been accidentally exposed to extremely high em fields. They called one of the effects they experienced `crushing' and I wondered if that described those pressure sensations. I'd thought they were caused by high intensity, low frequency noise but maybe it was an effect of high em fields. Regards Maggie

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "greenhorn3k" <guessblacklist@...> wrote:
      > It seems like it started out as vibration (in late Jul 2008), increased to sound (in late Dec 2008), increased to loud sound, changed direction from the north to south the first time and multiple times since (Aug 2009), now in November 2009 it has increased to a PAINFUL level of sound, yet those around me cannot hear it!
      > November 3, it was loud and painful a lot of the day, Wednesday morning (Nov 4) I woke up to the vibration and sound, was up for a while, then around 5:15 AM the sound changed and it has been painful/strong vibration for over an hour, and I expect it to last a BAD long time!
      > (It actually doesn't seem as loud, but it is painful, which is WORSE!)
      > Man, it hurts my ears, how can some corporation/government entity etc NOT know that they are creating harmful waves and that is bothering some people???
      > Are they so ignorant? My guess is YES.
      > Brandon (Hillsborough County) FL, land of ignorant anti-citizen government and overdevelopment.
      > It actually used to be a nice place to live.
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