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  • lauralovesworld
    Mar 6, 2009
      I appreciate your knowledge of the area here...It is refreshing and quite reassuring to read your messages. And as a matter of fact I did live in NoHo when I first experienced the Hum and witnessed some minor seizmic activity at the same time they were drilling for the metrolink. The underground portion of that railway was completed. It goes underground to Hollywood of course from Lankershim, about 1 mile from where I used to live! Basically I have never taken it, nor will I with what I went through with the drilling, sinkholes and all of the topical visual movement that was going on at that time, following the northridge earthquake. I just don't see myself being down in an underground tomb! I moved back to La (NoHo) from Morro Bay following the big one here! I was not used to all the activity following that shocker and I was certainly sensitive to everything being in a second story old wooden apartment (NoHo typical). I went crazy and being new to the area, (new meaning once again, but with new enlightening behaviors of the ground) the shaking seemed minor and not important to all of my peers and such being in their rat race. Although it was about 2 years following the quake, there was still so much of it daily and peaking in the middle of the night. I felt like I was the only one who experienced this madness and went on an individual sanity quest! Friends would laugh at me for even bringing stuff up. Along with all of this wave-like surface movement, I was confused about the noises I heard esp. at night, sort of like a busy freeway going 24/7 but that even came to 1 1/2 hour quiettime yet that sound was still haunting as to where the cars were. So at that time it wasn't much of a Hum or noise thing as it was a visual and sense of equilibrium or balance thing I was having a problem with. It has long since changed for me since then and I moved to Northridge about 4 years ago wherein the sight thing has come to a rare but familiar thing for me, as within the entire valley, where and when I do see it. Sometimes I have to meditate in my own relaxed state to see it but the noise is more of a thing for me now. I believe its due to the new location in-as-much-as it was the other (visual) before. As I experience the sound thing now, I don't see much anymore at least around here, I think that it is either a trade off of location or the sound is replacing the visual sensation as it has become seemingly more calm over time. I have yet to theorize on that question yet.

      Oh, just one quick note on the Northridge quake you may just find somewhat interesting: I lived in Morro Bay like I said before moving back to LA. It is approximately 4 hours, 25 north of San Luis Obispo. There I lived 1 block off the beach literally. The night of the big one, I was coming in about 11:00 pm from a late outing and usually we can hear the ocean without fail all the time. As my roommates and I arrived home and got out of the car I told one of them to stop and listen, as he did for a second. I get goose bumps when I tell this, but I pointed out how erie the night was with a thick air and yet so very still, no wind or breeze and most important, WE COULDN'T HEAR THE OCEAN! Oh well, wierd we thought and agreed went in and went to bed. To our surprise as we woke for work while getting ready, the news on TV floored us! Wow, the night before we didn't hear a thing...

      so as for the sand, I guess you can say that there was a quiet calm before the storm, and moving down in it deeper, the storm is still happening...I believe its our earth cracking and ocean sands that warn us which is what we hear. I just don't know if I am right about it nor do I have any proof except personal knowledge of these events.

      Don't miss LA - stay where you are comfortable...and far off the quicksands!

      Thanks again


      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, janyl humphrey <hyperion_nc@...> wrote:
      > Hello Laura, has there been any expansion on the metro line out further from the terminus in NoHo/Universal City; when that the metro lines are being built, there is a very large drill that is used.
      > You're definitely in a seismic zone, the Northridge fault goes right through that zone.
      > And so much L.A. city infrastructure down in the ground also---sewer, water mains, gas, etc.
      > Knowing L.A. like I do....I'm sure the idea of sand & granite is right, just like if you go up to Griffith Park or over by Elysian Park/Dodger Stadium....what's in those areas is also on the floor of the San Fernando Valley. Most of the Valley, years back, was farmland (even when I was a kid, there were farms out your way), so I guess you'd have the topsoil but on down, probably more like sandstone.
      > So....
      > I think that ground waves go easily through sand, I know that earthquake waves do, even can cause sand to almost liquify.
      > An interesting thing you've noted about sand and the Hum. In this part of Eastern North Carolina I'm stuck in, it is former swampland that was filled in with a whole lot of sand. In fact, in my front yard, where the soil has worn out....it's sandy.
      > I think there is something to the soil structure and the Hum.
      > And in my case, even being on the "other side of the world"...I know quite a bit about my former home of Los Angeles.
      > One other thing, is the Oxnard line electrified like the Metro or just a regular rail line?
      > It's notable that you & your boyfriend both hear it, did you say that a friend heard it as well?
      > My daughter and I hear the Hum here, and in our case, it is louder sometimes and softer others. Do you notice variability or is it a constant?
      > And I know what you mean about the description....sounds familiar.
      > Sincerely,
      > Janyl in Eastern North Carolina
      > But missing SoCal like crazy...
      > --- On Tue, 3/3/09, lauralovesworld <lauralovesworld@...> wrote:
      > > From: lauralovesworld <lauralovesworld@...>
      > > Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: What's that noise?
      > > To: humforum@yahoogroups.com
      > > Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 3:03 AM
      > > Thanks for all of your answers...interesting stuff and all
      > > kinds of
      > > crazy, just like me! Well, as for the airport, I am 2 1/2
      > > blocks from
      > > it and practically right under the landing path...yes the
      > > tracks are
      > > the oxnard rail as well. The sounds appear to be
      > > underground believe
      > > it or not, as for the airport, it's pretty quiet at
      > > night time since
      > > it is small and residential surrounds. I go to the airport
      > > area
      > > nearly every late night to feed some feral cats and let me
      > > tell you
      > > there is a hum from one of the big lamps that kick on and
      > > off in the
      > > industrial park area. Transformer sounding stuff. But
      > > that is not
      > > the sound I hear at home! Big difference. the transformer
      > > hum is
      > > obvious direction and sound, sounds just like that however
      > > the one
      > > heard late at night at home is a on-off-on-off sound like
      > > what I
      > > mentioned in the original message, a washing machine stuck
      > > on the spin
      > > cycle forever spinning "wha-wha-wha-wha-wha"
      > > (fast tempo) etc. and no
      > > break in the pattern. Sounds like one spinning in the back
      > > room you
      > > know what I mean. Annoying if you are working or studing,
      > > yet like one
      > > of the noises that are annoying you enough yet you are not
      > > really
      > > fully aware of it until you take aspirin and then realize
      > > what the
      > > heck is all that damn background noise going on at this
      > > time of night?
      > > ? My boyfriend noticed it at my friend's house the
      > > other day which
      > > finally prompted me to look it up leading me to this site
      > > or group.
      > > He was like what is that noise???? We were last to leave a
      > > party so
      > > it was quiet and late. Just before we left we were sitting
      > > there all
      > > of us and he actually heard it, just as I had before and at
      > > that same
      > > time. (The friend laughed at me prior when I pointed it
      > > out, but now
      > > without a word about it my boyfriend was serious when he
      > > asked about
      > > it, so there!!!) I had noticed it at home for a long time,
      > > the sounds
      > > are quite similar yet still don't sound like the
      > > transformer exactly
      > > but if I could record it, I will try to do so...It's
      > > loud enough at my
      > > friends house to do so with all hardwood floors!
      > >
      > > I am beginning to think it has something to do with
      > > seizmic-like
      > > movement possibly or the type of foundation this part of
      > > the city is
      > > built on, like sand or something similar, since sand makes
      > > noises when
      > > it settles, blows or moves...Since I am somewhat close to
      > > the ocean,
      > > there is sand under the ocean and you can hear it move
      > > underwater when
      > > you swish it also. But not from earthquakes moving, just
      > > like land-
      > > tide movement, everyday expansion and contraction like the
      > > small
      > > movement you can see when you meditate, since this place is
      > > always
      > > moving and breathing, earthquakes or not. I am not a
      > > scientist here
      > > but the valleys seem to be granite and sand and all
      > > evidence here is
      > > displayed in the corners of our doors and walls (cracks).
      > > You know
      > > this if you live(d) here, I am sure you know this type of
      > > thing - that
      > > cracking thing on the walls and door jam corners, which
      > > need constant
      > > fix all and still crack through, you LA valley folks know
      > > what I
      > > mean!!
      > >
      > > One last thing, my boyfriend builds speakers and speaker
      > > boxes using
      > > cross overs and he makes this stuff all from scratch, not
      > > that this
      > > matters too much but it is ironic that he has used sand in
      > > some of his
      > > speaker creations.
      > >
      > > I hope that this doesn't cause a lot of controversy or
      > > make anyone
      > > mad, it just seems like I put too much thought into this
      > > crap and I
      > > agree, I should snore louder, but from what I hear, I
      > > already do so!
      > > hahhahhee! Alright you guys, that is my big opinion and
      > > what I think,
      > > please don't hate me for even going there, please? It
      > > is cool to see
      > > that I am not crazy and that I am not alone! Have you guys
      > > tripped
      > > too hard and gotten some theories on this noise? Just
      > > curious.
      > > Thanks again.
      > >
      > > Laura F.
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