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11122HUM_FORUM: What's that noise?

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  • sms
    Mar 1, 2009
      Hi Laura,
      The Hum I hear sounds like a plane coming in for a landing, but it never
      lands. The sound is constant and doesn't waver. I hear it inside but never
      outside. And. . . I never try to explain it to anyone due to a response
      which I know I am certain to get.

      BTW, I am in No. Ca

      From: lauralovesworld <lauralovesworld@...>
      Subject: HUM_FORUM: What's that noise?

      If you were to describe what you are hearing to someone who may not know
      what you are talking about, what would you say that the noise or hum sounded
      like? For example, I always describe it as sounding like a washing machine
      in the back room on a constant spin cycle! Please describe what you are
      hearing or what it sounds like to you as well as where you hear it mostly
      (location) and time(s) heard.

      The reason I want to know this is because when I have often explained it to
      people, I was borderline crazy and I really wasn't too sure how to explain
      it otherwise. I am also interested in how it sounds to others and where they
      are in connection with my location. I am in a Los Angeles suburb, actually,
      San Fernando Valley, North Hills, near Northridge, CA. My sound comes from
      the southwesterly direction. I hear it mostly at night but I can hear it if
      I listen during the daytime with all of the city noises. The sound is
      constant and it seems underground.
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