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10856Re: For those looking for patterns

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  • mack_colin
    Jan 2, 2009
      For new and recent members to the hum, this is a constant question
      about where the hum comes from and what about its patterns,
      especially in their local area. But this is a world wide phenomena.

      We have done hum surveys on this site previously on the hum and the
      main conclusion was that it was pretty random throughout the world
      in intensity and where and when it was on/off.

      Well I have personally suffered this hum now for almost 5 years
      since i first heard it (West central Scotland).

      I have kept a hum diary on a calander each night of the year by
      writing a 0 for off, then L- meaning just there low in the
      background,then L low requiring minimum countermeasures. M medium
      requiring more countermeasures, and H high , I tend to go outdoors
      to get relief.

      Now going by the five years of results, I find that the hum is just
      totally random, but with a few conclusions....

      1...If it has been stormy, with heavy wind and rain then I usually
      get zero hum night.

      2....If I go on holiday, then I get the holiday effect of the hum
      going away, (abroad and UK) then appearing a day or two later. same
      situation occurs when I get back to my house.

      3... Night time is worse than day time.

      Because of this randomness of the hum, it causes great difficulty
      for experimentation on how to reduce the noise, I have been
      experimenting on reducing calcium, (read previous page of my
      comments on reducing CALCIUM INTAKE to reduce the noise of the hum,
      note: warning on female brittle bone).

      My hum diary shows over the last two years of reduced calcium, that
      there was a significant reduction off hum intensity, hardly any H
      high hum nights and the number of zero hum days is increased, even
      allowing for the randomness of the hum.

      This is what I am working on, a way of reducing the level of hum,
      because at present we just do not know where the hum is coming
      from ,never mind trying to work out patterns, of a noise that we
      know is pretty much random.
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