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10792Re: HUM_FORUM: Analysis of Hum Simulation Audio Files

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  • cooperman_98
    Dec 3, 2008
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      100% in agreement with that Chip.



      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, Chip Johnson <chip@...> wrote:
      > Is there any useful data in the Hum simulation files? I think there
      is (though I admit, I should have stopped at the assignment of
      pitch--the rest of the information with sound wave files is rather
      irrelevant to anyone but the creators, so I have deleted that
      information). I wanted to perform a thorough analysis of the
      simulation files to show the similarities and differences between the
      files, especially with respect to pitch. With the large amount of
      variability, one might ask if we are all hearing the same thing; it
      appears that we are not. The assumption is that the creators
      successfully simulated a sound that is true to their personal
      experience with the Hum.
      > The question may be raised, why would anyone want to try to recreate
      what they hear. For me, I wanted validation that others hear what I
      do. Perhaps another reason would be to allow non-hearers a chance to
      hear what Hearers hear (though I have not wanted to draw any attention
      to the Hum with my friends who are hosting me for the winter). From
      this point, two questions may be asked: 1) If two or more people
      listen to the Hum in the same room and their perceptions differ in
      pitch, one might conclude that something about their personal hearing
      processes is different (anatomical, physiological, etc), or 2) If
      people are accurately simulating what they hear, the fact that so many
      of the sounds differ in pitch may indicate that there are different
      sources of the Hum.
      > I am not trying to find out anything about a possible source of the
      Hum by studying the simulation files and for me, the audio files that
      I have listened to that claim to have captured a recording of the Hum
      do not sound like that Hum that I perceive. From my own attempts at
      recording the Hum and reading the reports from the archives of
      professionals that have attempted and failed to record it, I do not
      believe that it is possible to record it--I have serious doubts that
      it is an acoustical phenomenon.
      > Chip
      > WI/MN USA
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