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283Alpha-Political Verse (Election 2012)

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  • Stan Kegel
    Oct 27, 2012
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      By Madeleine Begun Kane

      A is for abortions, which Mitt Romney vows to ban.
      B is for the Birthers. Gov’nor Romney’s quite the fan.

      C’s for the contempt Mitt feels for folks who aren’t rich.
      D is for a sham debate — Mitt’s pseudo-moderate switch.

      E’s evolving policies Mitt seem to change each day.
      F is for those pesky facts. For Mitt they don’t hold sway.

      G’s for global warming. Mitt no longer thinks it’s real.
      H is homophobia. Gay marriage he’d repeal.

      I’s for immigration. Self-deporting! What a plan!
      J’s for rightwing judges. Justice Roberts is Mitt’s man.

      K is for the Koch Bros. Mr. Romney’s in their debt.
      L’s for all the lies Mitt tells. The truth to Mitt’s a threat.

      M’s Medicare and Medicaid. Mitt screws the old and poor.
      N’s for Romney’s negative campaign, fact-challenged to its core.

      O’s for Mitt’s Olympics and the bailout Mitt secured.
      P is for Paul Ryan’s plan. Mitt’s keeping it obscured.

      Q’s for follow-up questions. Journos find them such a bore.
      R’s for regulations. Mitt is anti … also for.

      S is Social Security — Mitt pretends he wants to save.
      T is tax cuts for the rich, which Romney donors crave.

      U’s the unemployment that Mitt Romney helped create.
      V is all those varmints Romney killed … and maybe ate.

      W’s for lots of foreign wars. Mitt’s spoiling for a fight.
      X is for your ballot mark. Be sure to do it right.

      Y’s for “Yes, we can” make sure the President prevails.
      And Z’s for right-wing zealots. I look forward to their wails.