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279The First Day

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  • Stan Kegel
    Oct 12, 2012
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      From: Lee Bradley <brad8688@...>



      "Yessir, President Romney?"

      "That was a swell inauguration, though I guess we'll have to do it over tomorrow because Roberts couldn't stop crying. I know he was happy, but, sheesh. Anyway, I need to repeal Obamacare before the Inaugural Ball. We'll have the photo op next week after Congress sorts out the new leadership; but bring me the documents and I'll sign them now."

      "Documents, sir?"

      "Yeah. The thing, paper, whatever, that I sign to repeal Obamacare."

      "Um, sir, there are no documents."


      "Sir, Congress hasn't voted on a new law to repeal it."

      "Fine, just type up an executive order, then. Get Bob to dictate one to you."

      "Sir, the Constitution doesn't provide for the President to repeal a law."

      "Not even with an executive order?"

      "No, sir. Congress has to vote on a law to repeal it and then present that bill to you for signature. After you sign it, it becomes law. If Congress doesn't vote on and pass a bill repealing Obamacare, then you can't do anything."

      "You know, Bain Capital couldn't have looted a tenth of the companies it took over if we had had rules like this. Call Boner and tell him I want a bill to sign first thing in the morning."

      "Sir, it takes time to schedule . .. "

      "JUST GET IT DONE! Wait. I'm sorry, but I promised to repeal Obamacare on Day One."

      "Sir, not only that, both houses have to agree to the same bill. The Democrats still have a majority in the Senate. They're not going to vote to repeal it, so Congress can't act, and so neither can you."

      "So why did you people let me campaign on a promise that I couldn't keep?!" 

      "Sir, you have to get elected before you can do anything."

      "Well, it looks like I'm elected and I bloody well CAN'T do anything anyway!!!"

      "Don't worry, sir. We're already positioning the issue to ensure your re-election. Now, don't keep the First Lady waiting."

      "All right. But I need to get up to speed quickly. I want to see this Constitution thing first thing in the morning."

      "We'll have a briefing ready, sir. Enjoy the dance. I mean, no offense, sir, but you are allowed to dance, aren't you?"

      "Oh yeah. My favorite's the Flip-Flop!"

      "Enjoy yourself, sir."