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1565Re: [humanmarkup] HumanMarkup.org, Inc -- announcement

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  • Rex Brooks
    Nov 9, 2001
      Thanks Ranjeeth,

      This clears my decks for everything I mentioned on my to do list,
      which I will start on immediately.


      At 10:42 PM +0000 11/9/01, Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga wrote:
      >I want to announce today HumanMarkup.org, Inc, a non-profit
      >domestic corporation established to help support the activities of
      >the OASIS HumanMarkup TC in ways the TC is not equipped to support. 
      >This includes issues pertaining to funding and application
      >development. This organization has existed for several months, and
      >under its banner we have conducted Phase 0 technical discussion. 
      >However, it is now being revamped to meet the additional needs of the
      >HumanMarkup endeavor.
      >Mission Statement
      >HumanMarkup.org is a non-profit company supporting the development
      >efforts of the separate OASIS HumanMarkup Technical Committee. The
      >ultimate aim is to develop Internet tools and repository systems
      >which will enhance the fidelity of human communications.
      >1) financially support OASIS HumanMarkup TC meetings and
      >2) encourage members to take part in HumanMarkup
      >specification design process
      >3) promote acceptance and use of HumanMarkup specifications
      >through direct contact, seminars, presentations, conferences,
      >posters, and other means
      >4) facilitate the development of applications using HumanML
      >5) sponsor the humanmarkup.repository
      >6) develop applications and systems which enhance
      >the fidelity of human communication and representation.
      >7) provide direct application services to agencies in projects which
      >incorporate HumanMarkup implementations
      >This organization contains Rex Brooks, Joseph W. Norris, and myself
      >as its directors, and I am the chair. Additionally Kurt Cagle is
      >volunteering his time and effort right now towards promulgating this
      >effort as well. Contributers are encouraged to join.
      >so far...
      >Over the last three months, we have established the core set of
      >business procedures and documents for the company. Interested
      >parties are invited to participate in this organization as well by
      >contacting any of us directly. For the last few weeks, we were
      >negotiating a possible relationship with OASIS in which we would be
      >able to partner with them more directly in this effort. Due to the
      >fact that our endeavor was still nascent, we were to hold off on that
      >for now. Thus, at this time, HumanMarkup.org, Inc is completely
      >separate from the OASIS HumanMarkup TC.
      >We are also working with various US government agencies to establish
      >an official relationship with many of the activities being done,
      >especially focusing on events related to recent events. Ideally, we
      >will be able to help the government develop several real-world
      >applications using HumanMarkup.
      >Discussion Group
      >If you receive this announcement, you are already subscribed to the
      >humanmarkup yahoogroups discussion board. The disussion group URL is
      >http://groups.yahoo.com/group/humanmarkup. When we determine a
      >public discussion agenda, we will open up the board for public
      >contributions once again.
      >(as a reminder,the current HumanMarkup OASIS TC discussion is held at
      >Thanks very much. Please contact any of us for further information. 
      >Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
      >HumanMarkup.org, Inc.
      >(646) 456-9076
      >To unsubscribe send an email to:
      >Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/

      Rex Brooks
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