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  • Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
    Aug 24, 2001
      (The discussion has moved to OASIS--please check out http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/humanmarkup) and join the new mailing list.)
      Hi Michael,
      This is very insightful.  The arts certainly convey human qualities in a manner that goes beyond simply words.  HumanML serves as the middle layer--the layer of computer readable, extractable, explicity emotional metadata.  Art and music could translate into HumanML, or translate out of HumanML, based on the applications on either end.
      We are currently assembling taxonomies, or classifications from various spheres.  Music and art vocabularies could be a great source of inspiration for HumanMarkup. 
      Certainly what could aid this process are some standard classification systems of human characteristics through music.  Are you coming from a music background yourself?
      Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
      > Music is often considered as a "universal" language for emotion that
      > can be understood by all people from
      different backgrounds. Through
      > music, one can express sadness, anger,
      humor, elation...in fact, just
      > about every emotion conceivable that
      comprise the "human experience."
      > I'm wondering if it might make
      sense to look to music and other
      > artistic endeavors as guides to the
      creation of HumanML. The arts can
      > be considered as vehicles for the
      expression of human emotions, with
      > an infinitely wide range of subtlety
      and directness.  By examining
      > music and understanding the
      vocabulary used to express different
      > emotions, we might be able to
      understand better what it is that makes
      > us human, that makes us
      > There's no need to reinvent the wheel here (at
      least that's what I
      > think)...we just need to modify it to suit the
      context and
      > environment in which we are seeking to express ourselves.
      Music and
      > the arts are but manifestations of this same principle which
      we can
      > look to as guides.
      > thoughts?
      -michael lacy
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