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1545food for thought

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  • Michael Lacy
    Aug 24, 2001
      Music is often considered as a "universal" language for emotion that
      can be understood by all people from different backgrounds. Through
      music, one can express sadness, anger, humor, elation...in fact, just
      about every emotion conceivable that comprise the "human experience."

      I'm wondering if it might make sense to look to music and other
      artistic endeavors as guides to the creation of HumanML. The arts can
      be considered as vehicles for the expression of human emotions, with
      an infinitely wide range of subtlety and directness. By examining
      music and understanding the vocabulary used to express different
      emotions, we might be able to understand better what it is that makes
      us human, that makes us expressive.

      There's no need to reinvent the wheel here (at least that's what I
      think)...we just need to modify it to suit the context and
      environment in which we are seeking to express ourselves. Music and
      the arts are but manifestations of this same principle which we can
      look to as guides.


      -michael lacy
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