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  • Bullard, Claude L (Len)
    Aug 23, 2001
      Working my way up from the bottom of the mail,
      I just saw Norm's comment on the need to look
      at gestural intensity and expand it. That
      is the kind of feedback that is most immediately
      useful. I'll read the paper and reply.

      We can evaluate any system and see what it
      has to offer. I could fill in the schema
      immediately with all of the types developed
      for public safety and add oh, a few hundred
      elements. But that is using HumanML as a
      means to productize and even if it slows
      us down, we should be careful to ensure
      we are spec'ing repurposable datasets.
      This is a difficult balancing act of course;
      too abstract and we get ineefficient garbage
      bag design; too specific and we can't repurpose.
      So when proposing data types, we have to ask
      where they do or don't add to the job of
      describing humans and human communications.

      Classification is an art form. There are
      techniques and rules of thumb to guide
      but often they are just rulesOfDaToolz.
      It takes a bit of intuition to work out
      the rest. That is why things like AI
      tended to fall apart in the crunch.

      I just subscribed to the OASIS list.
      But we are in motion. :-)


      Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
      Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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      Good work. Right. It is part of the middleware. I'll try to enlist
      Jan to help. I thought this had moved to OASIS already? I just added
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