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  • Rex Brooks
    Aug 23, 2001
      Good work. Right. It is part of the middleware. I'll try to enlist
      Jan to help. I thought this had moved to OASIS already? I just added

      At 8:22 AM -0500 8/23/01, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:
      >I'm pulling Carol from the reply list because we are probably
      >bumming her out with design discussion.
      >Rex or Niclas: the UPenn work has never been publicly discussed
      >on the list. If you have studied it, can you provide a summary
      >of the what Laban Movement Analysis and the EMOTE engine do and
      >how they work. It may be that these are implementations of the
      >kind of middleware that Cindy states is HumanML's to do, but it
      >is also likely that these are implementation solutions people
      >can use but are not necessarily useful for the spec other than
      >to show the spec can be used by them. In other words, they
      >are systems that can consume HumanML but don't define it. 
      >Without more details, it's hard to tell.
      >Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
      >Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h
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      >Rex Brooks wrote:
      >> Nic, the time is shortly to arrive for just that exploration. There
      >> is a thread with NormBadler at UPenn's Human Simulation Group with
      >> Matt Beitler et al, that I will eventually get into some kind of
      >> presentable form for both HumanML and H-Anim--using Laban Movement
      >> Analysis and Badler's EMOTE engine that fills the bill as far as I
      >> can see right now.
      >Very interesting, but nope, that alone will not do it. A very good
      >starting point though. Looking at EMOTE it appears to me as yet another
      >level of abstraction that perhaps would make things easier. It can
      >perhaps provide a level of abstraction above FAP's and provide H-Anim
      >(or whatever human animation format) with a somewhat more dynamic
      >presentation. In the same time it provides authors and computers with a
      >more fuzzy means of communications.
      >But (a big BUT), in regular software design terms, most of this stuff
      >belongs in the outermost presentation layer. EMOTE gets close to filling
      >in as the presentation logic (backed up by h-anim representation). I'm
      >looking for the layer beneath it, the business logic of human
      >communication. Does it make any sense? Probably not. But I do collective
      >design. The system we are building right now took me since january to
      >design, but we build the core in only 3 weeks. I think this will work
      >pretty much the same, only it will take a couple of years instead. If
      >this where ready for prime time I'd be the first to start a task force
      >around it. But it isn't. It will take years. And I'll be there then.
      >Waiting. After all, this is what MY life is all about. I'm 30 today. I
      >have time :-)
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