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1542RE: [humanmarkup] Re: [h-anim] HumanML Thoughts

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  • Bullard, Claude L (Len)
    Aug 23, 2001
      I'm pulling Carol from the reply list because we are probably
      bumming her out with design discussion.

      Rex or Niclas: the UPenn work has never been publicly discussed
      on the list. If you have studied it, can you provide a summary
      of the what Laban Movement Analysis and the EMOTE engine do and
      how they work. It may be that these are implementations of the
      kind of middleware that Cindy states is HumanML's to do, but it
      is also likely that these are implementation solutions people
      can use but are not necessarily useful for the spec other than
      to show the spec can be used by them. In other words, they
      are systems that can consume HumanML but don't define it.
      Without more details, it's hard to tell.


      Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
      Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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      Rex Brooks wrote:
      > Nic, the time is shortly to arrive for just that exploration. There
      > is a thread with NormBadler at UPenn's Human Simulation Group with
      > Matt Beitler et al, that I will eventually get into some kind of
      > presentable form for both HumanML and H-Anim--using Laban Movement
      > Analysis and Badler's EMOTE engine that fills the bill as far as I
      > can see right now.

      Very interesting, but nope, that alone will not do it. A very good
      starting point though. Looking at EMOTE it appears to me as yet another
      level of abstraction that perhaps would make things easier. It can
      perhaps provide a level of abstraction above FAP's and provide H-Anim
      (or whatever human animation format) with a somewhat more dynamic
      presentation. In the same time it provides authors and computers with a
      more fuzzy means of communications.

      But (a big BUT), in regular software design terms, most of this stuff
      belongs in the outermost presentation layer. EMOTE gets close to filling
      in as the presentation logic (backed up by h-anim representation). I'm
      looking for the layer beneath it, the business logic of human
      communication. Does it make any sense? Probably not. But I do collective
      design. The system we are building right now took me since january to
      design, but we build the core in only 3 weeks. I think this will work
      pretty much the same, only it will take a couple of years instead. If
      this where ready for prime time I'd be the first to start a task force
      around it. But it isn't. It will take years. And I'll be there then.
      Waiting. After all, this is what MY life is all about. I'm 30 today. I
      have time :-)
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