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August 9 "30 days" show; was: Fox TV show needs a non-religious family, $50,000

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  • HumanCarol
    ... I haven t heard of anyone interested. But, on August 9, an atheist family will be featured on a FX reality show.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2006
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      "Cynthia CAKeaton" <CynthiaKeaton@...> wrote:
      > Anyone Game?

      I haven't heard of anyone interested.

      But, on August 9, an atheist family will be featured on a FX reality show.

      Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days," is a TV documentary/reality show on FX
      network. On Wednesday, August 9, 9 PM Central time the Frei Family
      will be featured in an episode about an atheist family (the Freis)
      living with a fundamentalist Christian family. There is some
      information about the show on the website:
      http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/30days/home.htm but it
      requires Adobe Flash.

      Those of us who attended the AAI convention in Kansas City will
      remember Brenda and Mark Frei and their children and their daughter's
      story about the discrimination she experienced in school. They
      participated in "30 Days"
      because they were interested in helping to dispel the unfair,
      inaccurate, and negative attitudes and prejudices many people hold
      toward the nonreligious. The one-hour show is edited footage from the
      Frei family being filmed for at least 400 hours.

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      > From: Scott McConnell [scottmc@ rocketsciencelabs.com]
      > July 18, 2006
      > Dear Atheist/Freethinker/Humanist,
      > I'm a casting director for the hit Fox network show "Trading
      > Spouses." We are currently looking for a dynamic non-religious family to
      > come onto the show. The family needs to be legally married with
      children (or
      > child) above the age of 6. It helps if the family is colorful with
      > personalities.
      > If you are not familiar with "Trading Spouses," it's a
      > family-oriented show that highlights various cultures and lifestyles of
      > families across America. It's been compared to a "foreign exchange
      > for parents. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is fun,
      > and profitable. At the end of the 7-10 day shoot, each family receives
      > $50,000. I hope your family can come onto the show.
      > We are on a deadline, so if you can please inform your members
      > very soon of our urgent need, that would be great. They can call me
      > immediately in Los Angeles at (323) 802-0404 or email me at
      > <mailto:scottmc@...<mailto:scottmc@...>>
      scottmc@...<mailto:scottmc@...> Also,
      > they can check out <http://www.fox.com/<http://www.fox.com/>>
      www.fox.com and click on the
      > "Trading Spouses" icon for more information.
      > If you need more information, I would be happy to call you or to
      send it.
      > Thanks for your time and help in posting/promoting our casting call!
      > Best regards,
      > Scott McConnell
      > [scottmc (at) rocketsciencelabs.com]
      > Casting Director
      > (323) 802-0404

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