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Re: Get Together at Cynthias House

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  • Cynthia CAKeaton
    Hi friends, You re invited to eat, talk, swim, play and generally have a good time at Cynthia s this Saturday around 4:00 PM. The occasion is to discuss all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2006
      Hi friends,
      You're invited to eat, talk, swim, play and generally have a good time at Cynthia's this Saturday around 4:00 PM. The occasion is to discuss all the new stuff Shelly and I learned from the American Ethical Union conference last weekend. I feel like I might explode from all the great information and advice. We can start off the evening with a swim and social time. I'm providing sandwiches for a light supper. If everyone can bring something to eat with sandwiches such as deviled eggs, fries, or fresh veggies with dip, we will have a great meal. We can spend some time going over the great things taught at the conference. Later, if there is time, we can play a game or two.
      If you need directions to my home just e-mail me at cynthiakeaton@... and I'll send you directions. Everyone who is interested in the DFW Ethical Fellowship or in the library is welcome.
      Let's have fun,
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      Subject: [dfwfellowship] Cynthias AEU experience

      hi all,
      I decided to join Shelly this weekend in Chicago for the AEU annual conference. I'm so glad I did. This has been a powerful storehouse of information for helping us cope with the loss of our meeting space and for growing our group. When I explained our meeting place problem, half of the people were very comforting. The other half said, "You have your own office space???" There have been many small growing AEU societies who have been through this exact experience. Many larger groups still just have meeting rooms on Sunday. They have provided a lot of emotional support and practical ideas. I have been to breakout workshops yesterday and today and all have been chock full of ideas we can use. One was explicitly about attracting new members and building a large group. The other was to incorporate a format that's being used successfully in one of the northern AEU groups. We're not quite large enough to use it exactly as written. I talked for a very short while with the presenter and he said some alterations for our size group might work. I'm ordering some materials from him that we can use. One was on meditation and one was on conflict resolution. Also, today, we went to the Ethical Humanist of Chicago meeting. It was very interesting. They did some things in their service that I'd like to try with ours. Theirs is quite large and they have their own building. Tomorrow is the business meeting and Tuesday I'll be back in town.
      There is so much material and good stuff to share with everyone that I think a whole day will be needed. I'd like to invite everyone to my home next Saturday (or the Saturday afterwards if thatÂ’s better for folks). We can talk about what has happened this weekend, what kind of plans we want to make, swim in the pool (weather and pool chemicals permitting), and perhaps play some games. I'll provide sandwiches if everyone else will bring fries/chips/veggies/whatever.
      I am so glad I came. I feel energized and full of hope for our future.

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