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religious tax exemption

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  • David Wallace Croft
    The North Texas Church of Freethought (NTCoF) was granted religious tax exemption. ... -- David Wallace Croft / (214) 636-3790 m
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2006
      The North Texas Church of Freethought (NTCoF) was granted religious tax

      --- Mike Sullivan <MikeSullivan@...> wrote:
      > 3. Texas Comptroller Grants NTCOF Tax Exemption
      > After a ten-year struggle against the State Comptroller of Texas, and
      > only after the threat of a lawsuit from Americans United for
      > Separation of Church and State, The North Texas Church of Freethought
      > was finally granted the same religious tax exemption as thousands and
      > thousands of faith-based Texas churches enjoy without question.
      > The ruling came after our latest appeal for the exemption, pressed in
      > January of this year, escalated to the point where the State was
      > apparently stalling in issuing their ruling. State Comptroller Carole
      > Keeton Strayhorn is a candidate for Governor, and it seemed as though
      > 'one tough grandma' wanted to put off a ruling granting a tax
      > exemption to our atheist church, even though settled Texas case law,
      > as well as the United States and Texas Constitutions, compelled it.
      > Now NTCOF finally has the 'equal treatment under law' we have sought
      > for a decade: asking to be treated by the State exactly as any faith-
      > based church is treated. As the Strayhorn v. Ethical Culture Society
      > of Austin case determined, the state cannot discriminate against
      > religiously-organized groups simply because they do not profess
      > belief in a supreme being, as the Comptroller tried to argue was
      > required for religious tax exemption.
      > The ruling letter granting the exemption from the Texas Comptroller
      > of Public Accounts is available in PDF form on our Web site at:
      > http://churchoffreethought.org/docs/Exemption_Ruling_2006-05-18.pdf
      > Our appeal which resulted in this victory for freedom and Freethought
      > is available here, and makes for fascinating reading about our case:
      > http://churchoffreethought.org/docs/CoF_Appeal_Letter_2005-12.pdf
      > This victory is a landmark for NTCOF and for our sister church in
      > Houston, the Houston Church of Freethought, who should now be able to
      > get the same exemption with minimal effort since our case clearly
      > sets a pattern for their case.
      > None of this would have been possible without the continued
      > excellent, vigorous advocacy on our behalf by Americans United for
      > Separation of Church and State. AU has an excellent press release
      > about our victory on their Press Center section at:
      > http://www.au.org/site/PageServer?pagename=press

      David Wallace Croft / (214) 636-3790 m
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